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Harvest is almost over and while we're contemplating being thankful for living in such a prosperous place of opportunity as Saskatchewan, it's also a time to recognize just how much agriculture means to our province. This issue of the newsletter will focus on what you can do to celebrate farming, food production and the people involved in getting food from the farm to consumer' plates. Join in! Let's share our story with others in our communities. 
Celebrate Food and Farming in Saskatchewan this October

This fall, Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan is issuing a challenge to everyone in Saskatchewan to get out and celebrate the importance of food and farming across this great province of ours.
The Province of Saskatchewan has designated October as "Agriculture Month", and this is a golden opportunity for communities to come together in a province-wide effort to recognize the wide variety of foods we produce here and the people who grow it with care.
As many of us are aware, food production is the root of Saskatchewan's economy and accounts for over one-third of the province's total exports. We have more than 60 million acres of farmland - that's over 40 per cent of the total in Canada! As well, Saskatchewan is second-largest beef-producing province in the country, with 1.2 million beef cows-almost a third of the Canadian beef herd. Saskatchewan agriculture is the most diversified industry sector in Canada with $13.9 billion in export sales in 2014.
This issue of our newsletter will focus on how you can get involved in spreading the word about agriculture - and celebrating food and farming in your community this October. Watch for information about Agriculture Month and Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan in your grocery store, newspaper, social media and at community events in your area.
Big or small, all communities can take part in Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan. There is one thing which connects us all, and it is the food we eat, so we encourage you to 'step up to the plate' and start planning! 

Real Dirt on Farming 
Speakers Training

Do you often get asked to talk about farming? Or have you ever wished you had the answer at your fingertips when the subject comes up at the coffee shop or a family gathering? Are you interested in making presentations to groups in the community? 

The Speaker's Training Program is based on information contained in
The Real Dirt on Farming , a publication produced by the Farm and Food Care Canada with input and support from a number of industry partners including FFC SK. This informative booklet addresses the top ten areas of interest identified by consumers focusing on farm and food care practices.

In this one-day training session, you will learn how to connect with and engage your audience in conversations about farming and ranching.
Register today! For dates and location and to register, click here.

Real Dirt on Farming Saskatchewan Digest

There's a brand new Real Dirt on Farming now available with more Saskatchewan content!  
During Ag Month, 41,000 copies of the 12-page Real Dirt on Farming Saskatchewan Digest will 
be inserted in the Ministry of Agriculture's publication AGRIVIEW in the first week of October.   

As well, through a partnership with Federated Co-operatives Limited, during the week o f October 9, 350,000 copies will be distributed to consumers across the province. Shoppers at Co-op Food Stores will receive a copy of
The Real Dirt Digest in their grocery bags.

Visit a Co-op Food Store near you and check it out!
Celebrating Agriculture Month: Some Ideas

There are lots of ways for Saskatchewan communities to get involved in Agriculture Month. Here's a few ideas for you to consider:
  • Recruit two local restaurants to use the "farm facts" placemats available from
    FFC SK
  • Invite students to profile a local producer in the newspaper
  • Work together to create a "We Love Sask Food / Grown With Care" float for your harvest celebration
  • Distribute the Saskatchewan 
    Real Dirt on Farming Digest at businesses in your community, school and library
  • Arrange for a "Real Dirt on Farming" speaker presentation to a school, Chamber or community group
  • Feature locally-grown foods at a community potluck supper
  • Encourage your school to contact Agriculture in the Classroom to find out activities and resources
  • Organize an online photo contest about growing food in your community
  • Have students interview the local grocery store about the foods they stock from Saskatchewan
  • Display a world map in the town office showing where foods grown in your community are exported
  Several communities have already made plans for celebrations of food and farming this October. Please see for a list of events.
Be sure to share your Agriculture Month with us on Twitter:  @farmfoodcare and 
Instagram: #lovesaskfood.

Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan Farms at the Table Conference

Meet with others in agriculture to discuss the future of farming and food production in the province and how best to connect with consumers. This year's conference takes place December 9 & 10, 2015  at the Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre. For more information,  click here.

Grown with Care by Saskatchewan Farmers
& Ranchers

Look for farmer and rancher profiles through the Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan email distribution system during Agriculture Month.

Throughout October we'll be profiling Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers to let consumers know that the food produced here is safely and responsibly grown. They'll make you proud of the work we all do that feeds people all over the world!

Coming Soon: FFC SK Councils

In the next few months, Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan will establish Councils to discuss and advise on issues related to animal care, agronomy, land management and more.

The Animal Care Council and the Crop Council will bring together knowledgeable people in our industry help to and help to prioritize issues and promote a common direction for proactive change. 

If you belong to a producer organization that is a member of the FFC SK and are interested in serving on a Council (or know a great candidate), please talk with your group about how your industry can get involved with Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan. Or call us to learn more!

We're proud of the quality food we produce in Saskatchewan. Let's share that!
FFC SK has launched a new website, with recipes, producer profiles, farm facts and a listing of upcoming food events in the province. Let us know about food-related events that you're organizing and we'll add it to the website.
Several resources, such as children's activities and placements for restaurants are also available online at and to assist you with planning your own Agriculture Month celebration.
How will you be celebrating agriculture in Saskatchewan this October? Let us know!

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