Forestry and Wildfire
CAL FIRE Business and Workforce Development Grants
- CAL FIRE’s Wood Products and Bio -energy team (Wood Products) has an approaching deadline for CAL FIRE’s Business and Workforce Development Grants. Wood Products has four primary areas of responsibility, including existing and emerging technologies:

1. Facilities development, including solid wood and biomass processing and manufacturing, and tree nurseries
2. Bioenergy, including forest bio - material power generation and biofuels for domestic use and export
3. Forest - related workforce development at all levels including in - woods, transportation and manufacturing
4. Research and development that is ancillary to forest - related business and workforce development

Grant projects shall reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the economy, and improve public health. Grants will create financial incentives for industries to invest in clean technologies, develop innovative ways to process wood products, and support the growth of a strong forest sector workforce. Proposals must be submitted in full by March 31, 2022 to be considered for the initial round of project selections. Up to $24 million is available for eligible business development and workforce development projects. An additional $4 million is available for improvement or development of native seedling nurseries. Not quite ready to apply? Business and Workforce Development Grant proposals are accepted continuously and will be reviewed, scored, and selected for funding each quarter. Please see the Grant Guidelines document for more information. Also, the Wood Products Team has assembled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that addresses project eligibility, match funding, and other common inquiries. For more information about this solicitation, including Grant Guidelines and how to apply, please visit the Wood Products webpage. Please direct any questions to