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New Forum: Incentivizing Conservation Agriculture
Register today to attend this Farm Foundation Forum, Sept. 24 in D.C. You'll take part in an active discussion on the potential value and benefits of an ecosystem marketplace, which could enable and encourage farmers and ranchers to adopt and sustain conservation management practices to improve soil health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve water quality and use.

Two options: Attend in person or listen via audiocast.

Dialogue on trade and sustainability reveals potential maps for moving forward–and roadblocks
In July, Farm Foundation and our colleagues at the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute hosted a  Dialogue on Trade and Sustainability . The two organizations convened a group of experts with diverse backgrounds from the academic, business, policy and producer segments to discuss the challenges in developing a greater understanding of how trade and sustainability are interconnected and are impacting the food and agricultural sectors in the United States and Canada.

Audio available: Talking
(bio) tech
At our most recent Farm Foundation Forum, The New Biotechnology Regulatory Regime, panelists and attendees talked about challenges and opportunities related to the review of the U.S. agricultural biotechnology regulatory review process.

Watch the symposium on global economic growth
If you weren't able to attend the Global Economic Growth and Agricultural Trade: Prospects, Policies and Perspectives Symposium, you can now view it at your convenience. Hosted by Farm Foundation’s Food and Agricultural Trade Resource Center and the Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, the symposium featured keynote speaker, Luke Chandler, chief economist at Deere and Company , and other experts in the field.

Blog: Study estimates economic impact of China’s biotech approval delays
While there may be a seemingly endless list of bilateral trade topics between the United States and China, arguably the most important focuses are agriculture and intellectual property. At the crossroads of these issues is China’s sluggish approval of agricultural biotechnology.

View webcast of human capital challenges Forum
Don't be sad about missing our Farm Foundation Forum on Human Capital Challenges in the Food and Agriculture Sector--get comfortable and watch the webcast as our panel of educators and industry leaders discuss the innovative approaches they are taking to meeting the sector’s human capital needs, as well as further steps needed to enhance agriculture’s labor pool.

Presenters from across globe take part in Farm Foundation's first trade conference
More than 130 people participated in the Farm Foundation Food and Agricultural Trade Resource Center’s first trade conference, Agricultural Trade in a Time of Uncertainty. Keynote speaker Roberto Azevedo, director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), opened the conference.

Dates to remember
  • Sept. 24, 2019: Farm Foundation Forum--Incentivizing Conservation Agriculture, Washington, DC
  • Oct. 22, 2019: Farm Foundation Forum

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