Spring 2022
Farm Foundation is springing ahead this quarter with many exciting projects, events, and fresh Next Generation participants. There is a lot to celebrate, and a lot of opportunities to collaborate with us as we work to build trust and understanding at the intersections of agriculture and society.
Left: The Board tours the property last June. Top: What the new building might look like.
The Farm Foundation Innovation and Education Campus (IEC) has officially launched with the purchase of a historic farm in Libertyville, Illinois.
The IEC will be Chicagoland’s first food and agriculture innovation and education hub, providing industry-leading educational opportunities to a variety of stakeholders in the food chain, from farm to plate. Learn More
The Latest News on Our Work

Farm Foundation organizes project work on four strategic priorities: conservation and sustainability, digital agriculture, farmer health, and market development and access.
The Farm Foundation salon series in cities in agricultural regions most affected by trade with China concluded with events in Houston, Sacramento, and Seattle. Insights from the salon series will be summarized in a Farm Foundation Issue Report written by Farm Foundation's Agricultural Economics Trade Fellow, Dr. Amanda Countryman.
A blog written by Dr. Alejandro Plastina, the current Farm Foundation Agricultural Economics Fellow, centers on agricultural carbon markets. Overcoming Barriers to the Development of an Agricultural Carbon Market dovetails with the work Dr. Plastina presented in the recent Farm Foundation Forum and also to a forthcoming Farm Foundation Issue Report on carbon markets.
If your organization is interested in partnering with us on these or other initiatives in these important areas affecting agriculture, please contact us to start the conversation.
Stay Informed With Farm Foundation Forums
Robert Paarlberg,
Eve Turow-Paul,
Author of Hungry
Dr. Michael Jacobson,
Author of Salt Wars
Register today for the May 11 Farm Foundation Forum, Farm, Food, and the Policies and Practices Behind America’s Dietary Health, will examine the links between farm policies and the nation’s dietary health. The Bipartisan Policy Center's G. William Hoagland will moderate the discussion between authors Robert Paarlberg, Dr. Michael Jacobson, and Eve Turow-Paul.
Access the Forum Archive
Solving the Barriers to Agricultural Carbon Markets provided a look at carbon markets from an economic and legal perspective, including what pitfalls persist, what opportunities are available for farmers, and where both the science and market trends are currently headed. 

Geopolitical Disruptions: Implications for U.S. Agriculture and Trade focused on the impact of the conflict in Ukraine and potential impacts of other major geopolitical disruptions to global agricultural markets.
Farm Foundation Forums, as well as a wide collection of interviews and presentation excerpts offering invaluable industry insights, are available on our YouTube channel.
Next Generation Program News
Farm Foundation Young Farmer Accelerator Program
The Young Farmer Accelerator Program seeks to actively engage farmers from 21-40 years old in a yearlong series of interactive learning and networking experiences, focused on gaining a deeper understanding of a wide variety of agriculture, agribusiness, and government issues. The program also helps young farmers build a strong, enduring network of peers and agribusiness and government contacts. Congratulations to the 2022 Young Farmers!
(From top left): Brady Brown of B&B Brown Farms, Michelle Carr of JO-AR-CA Farms, Alicia del Aguila of Aloha Redland, Steve Kaufman of Kaufman Joint Venture, Roberto Ortez of Florida Crystals Corporation, Zoe Schultz of Schultz Farm, and Leevi Stump of Greenacres Foundation.
From top left: Sarah Coffman with Vayda, Rachel Daniels with Tyson Foods, Wyatt Jones with Bayer Crop Science, Jonah Kolb with Moore & Warner Ag Group, Sarah Orban with Deere & Company, Dr. Shandréa Stallworth with Corteva Agriscience, and Alex Quinones with Broadview Capital Holdings.
Farm Foundation Young Agri-Food Leaders Network
The Young Agri-Food Leaders Network program seeks to actively engage emerging leaders in food and agribusiness, from ages 25-40 years old, in a yearlong series of interactive learning and networking experiences, focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the food and agriculture value chain. The program also hopes to help young professionals build a strong, enduring network of peers in business, farming and government. Congratulations to the 2022 Young Agri-Food Leaders!
Next Generation Participant Updates
Farm Foundation Agricultural Scholar McKenzie Carvalho will soon be starting her doctoral studies in agriculture and applied economics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Congrats McKenzie!

Farm Foundation Agricultural Scholar Alum Noé Nava along with his USDA Economic Research Service mentor, Diansheng Dong, recently published an article on the impact of taxing sugar-sweetened beverages in the newly created Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.
Next Generation Alumni Network
In total, Farm Foundation Next Generation programs have 152 alumni across the globe. To reconnect with these alumni and build a lasting relationship, Farm Foundation has started the Next Generation Alumni Network.  The network is led by an advisory group, helmed by volunteer Group Leaders Erin Nazetta (Broadview Capital) and Fabiola Perez (John Deere). To learn more, contact Jenna Wicks, Next Generation program manager.
Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities to further scale our Next Generation programs to provide even greater support and more opportunities to our outstanding program participants.
Farm Foundation Staff News
Farm Foundation Staff (from left): Todd Price, Jenna Wicks, Amy Keane, Martha King, Morgan Craven, Shari Rogge-Fidler, Kelly Johnson, and Tim Brennan gathered to celebrate the purchase of the property for the Innovation and Education Campus. (Not pictured: Naomi Millán)
Todd Price (pictured far left) was recently promoted to vice president of the Innovation and Education Campus. Todd joined Farm Foundation in 2021 as senior development manager. He has an extensive background in agriculture, including his family’s farming operation in Iowa, as well as educational programs in the Chicagoland area. Congrats Todd!
Martha King, vice president of programs and projects, recently participated in a two-week European tour of Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom as part of an Illinois Farm Bureau Market Study Tour to explore how agriculture intersects with public policy, climate change, and global trade. She will be presenting at The Chicago Farmers' upcoming annual meeting taking place May 16. The meeting's theme is "managing data from farm to fork."

Shari Rogge-Fidler, president and CEO, is serving on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Equity Commission Subcommittee on Agriculture. The commission will provide recommendations on policies, programs, and actions needed to address equity issues, including racial equity issues, within the Department and its programs. She has recently participated in several speaking engagements, including the Forum for the Future of Agriculture Solutions event on regenerative agriculture.
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Upcoming Events and Key Dates
May 11, 2022: Farm Foundation Forum on Food Policy and Dietary Health
June 8-10, 2022: Farm Foundation Round Table, Boise, Idaho
August 23-24, 2022: Fixing the Soil Health Tech Stack (Online Event)
January 11-13, 2023: Farm Foundation Round Table, Savannah, Georgia
Farm Foundation is an accelerator of practical solutions for agriculture. Our mission is to build trust and understanding at the intersections of agriculture and society. Our vision is to build a future for farmers, our communities and our world.
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