Q. What do you do as the designer/builder to ensure a successful project?
A. Successful project management involves a long list of skills. Here at WL Port-Land Systems, we believe that keeping things on schedule and within budget depends a lot on internal and external communication.
That means staying in touch with the customer so that we know exactly what their expectations are, and, two, we keep them advised on how the project is proceeding. It also means ensuring that everyone inside our company has the same information, is aware of changes in the project plan, and is working from the same data.
To ensure that our customers get what they expect, to avoid costly overruns and delays, to give clients the quality project management they’ve come to expect from WL Port-Land Systems, we believe in providing excellence in these areas:
Communication. Throughout the project, establish and maintain clear lines of communication with the customer, vendors, subcontractors, and internal department personnel. Electronic and paper documentation are primary for record-keeping. However, personal communication should not be overlooked in maintaining a better understanding of ongoing project activities, changes in scope, and schedule impacts that are...Read the Rest>>>