News from Christmas Tree Farm
April 23, 2019
We wanted to let you know of a few new things happening here at the farm.

Delivered Product, Credit Card Payments
For those of you who get product delivered to you, our driver can now accept credit card payments on delivery. Also, starting May 1st we will be charging a convenience fee of 3 percent for all orders paid with a credit card. In the past we had been absorbing the cost, but at this time, we are not able to continue doing that.

Picking Product Up at the Farm
For those of you who pick product up here at the farm, just a reminder that we have the drop box with envelopes on the side for your payments. Also, please be aware that we now have our dogs and cats here on the property so please keep your dogs in your vehicle.

We Want Your Feedback
Looking forward, we may consider offering other products in the future. Is there anything you would like to see us carry? Reply back or send me a text to 603-617-8363.

Thank You!
We also want to thank everyone again for their support and patience over the last few months. We appreciate your business and hope to continue providing all of our customers with the best possible hay, shavings, pellets and maybe even more products in the future.

-- Tammy
Shavings Sale Day: Saturday, June 22 - Pre-Orders Required
Maximum Order Quantity: 400 bags
Paper: $4.05 and Plastic* $4.40

Large Orders -- over 150 -- ord er now through May 31, no exceptions! Pickup date and time of large orders 150+ must be scheduled with Tammy and will be limited.

Small Orders -- under 150 -- order now through June 15, last day, no exceptions! Must be picked up on sale day only: Saturday, June 22.

* Plastic bagged shavings quantities will be limited. Please order early if you specifically want plastic!
New This Year at the Sale:
$4.95 per bag or $247.50 per ton
Pelleted Bedding, Made in Maine
IMPORTANT: All Sale Day orders will be confirmed back to you. If you don't get a confirmation from Tammy, then we may not have received your order. Get in touch with us again.
Phone only 603-335-4572 or phone/text 603-617-8363. Email
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