Spring News from Christmas Tree Farm
May 15, 2019
There are a few new things happening here at the farm:

Two New Supplement Products for Your Horse
We will now be carrying two new products from Custom Equine Nutrition: "Vermont Blend" a forage balancer with amino acids, biotin and prebiotics and "Omega E" a ground, stabilized flax and natural Vitamin E supplement. Learn more about these products and others at www.CustomEquineNutrition.com

You Asked, We Answered!
Many of you requested that we carry straw bales and we will start stocking some soon. Visit the website in the coming weeks for pricing information or call the farm 603-335-4572.

2018 Hay Update
Unfortunately, we are out of round bales and second cut square bale hay until this year's crop starts coming in. We may be able to locate some second cut and will let you know if we can get any in stock.

Deadline for 150+ Shavings for Sale Day Coming Soon!
The deadline to place your order for 150 or more shavings is Friday, May 31. You will have until June 15 for orders under 150 bags. Sale Day is Saturday, June 22. Reminder that if you want plastic, you must let us know when you place your order. All orders will be for paper wrapped unless we hear otherwise.

-- Tammy
To Place An Order:
Phone the farm at 6 03-335-4572
Phone/text me at 603-617-8363
IMPORTANT: All Sale Day orders will be confirmed back to you. If you don't get a confirmation back from me, then I may not have received your order. Please get in touch with me again.
Shavings Sale Day Information:
´╗┐Saturday, June 22 - Pre-Orders Required
´╗┐Maximum Order Quantity: 400 bags
Paper: $4.05 and Plastic* $4.40

Large Orders -- over 150 -- ord er now through May 31, no exceptions! Pickup date and time of large orders 150+ must be scheduled with Tammy and will be limited.

Small Orders -- under 150 -- order now through June 15, last day, no exceptions! Must be picked up on sale day only: Saturday, June 22.

* Plastic bagged shavings quantities will be limited. Please order early if you specifically want plastic!
New This Year at the Sale:
$4.95 per bag or $247.50 per ton
Pelleted Bedding, Made in Maine
The seacoast region's reliable year-round hay supplier.