There is a lot to celebrate this time of year in the Ag Reserve - local food is at its peak with berries, peaches and tomatoes (learn to can the season's bounty with our "Put-Up Party" August 5). It's also a great time of year to enjoy a local libation in the shade or visit some farm animals. Montgomery Farms are open with special hours and tours this weekend for the 28th annual Farm Tour and Harvest Sale.

Registration has just opened for MCA's own celebration of local food and drink - the first ever Farm to Fork Benefit Dinner featuring Waredaca Brewing and Rocklands Farm & Winery
Tough Week for the Nation's River: A Zombie Bridge Rises and VIP Golf Causes Closures for All
Our attention has been drawn to the mighty Potomac of late, and for troubling reasons. A Potomac Bridge and associated 10-lane highway through the Ag Reserve has been a misguided idea since its first life 20 years ago. Every few years, this project that has been studied, found to be a non-solution to gridlock and subsequently shelved. Frankly, there is just too much money to be made by the few that would benefit for this project to permanently die.  Boosters, particularly on the Virginia side are back at it - on Wednesday the Transportation voted to study this boondoggle a 4th time. There is much to do as this study is completed.
From trouble over the water to trouble on it - our friends at Canoe Cruisers sent an alert that one of the most popular parts of the River at Violet's Lock across from the Trump Golf  Course would be closed to recreation sporadically and without notice because of security concerns (2 miles of waterway, bank to bank). This has led to no less than kids in canoes being visited by the Coast Guard. Read on and submit comment. 
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August 5 
"Put Up" Canning & Preserving  Party
25 participants     
September 16
Farm to Fork Benefit Dinner

October 8
Ride for the Reserve 
October 22
Royce Hanson Award
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