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Over the last few weeks, Practical Farmers has hosted a series of Farm Transfer workshops around the state. Facilitated by Mike Downey of Next Generation Ag Advocates and Farm Financial Strategies, Inc., the workshops were a great opportunity to both learn more about farm transfer trends and succession strategies as well as meet other farmers and landowners wrestling with farm transfer questions. 

We’ve uploaded some resources from the workshops, including slides and worksheets, here. You can learn more about Mike Downey and Next Generation Ag Advocates by visiting their website.

We want to thank Mike and Next Generation Ag Advocates for lending their time and expertise to these workshops. We also want to make sure we thank our regional PFI member hosts: Maggie McQuown and Steve Turman, Dan and Lorna Wilson, Dale and Sonya Nimrod, and Peg Bouska. 
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Farm Transfer at the PFI 2020 annual conference
We're just a few weeks away from our annual conference on Jan. 18-19.  Pre-register by January 9 to receive a discounted rate or register at the door.  Below, we have featured some farm transfer-oriented sessions:
Thursday, Jan. 16 1:00-6:30 p.m. | Friday, Jan 17th 8:00-11:30 a.m.
This course will help you take the plunge into creating a farm succession plan in line with your values and farm goals.

Rena Striegel, of Transition Point Business Advisors, will share insights into how to take inventory of your current situation, clarify family or partner roles and delegate authority. 

You will leave the course with strategies to help you pass on your family’s legacy, and the confidence to seek succession solutions for your farm.
Blain Hjertaas and his son Martin are the third and fourth generations, respectively, to work the family century farm in southeast Saskatchewan, Canada.

When Martin returned to the farm, he brought with him the idea of raising sheep in addition to the existing grass-based cattle operation. Hear the Hjertaas’ farm transition story and learn how (and why) they chose sheep as a new enterprise for the next generation.
Whole-farm planning looks at the farm through the lens of the watershed where it resides. The process incorporates natural, agricultural and economic resources to reduce risk, maximize profits and improve the land, water and ecological services.

Join Carole Reichardt (right) and Ron Doetch to learn about whole-farm planning and how it can be used to meet farm goals.
Navigating tenant-landowner relationships can be a complex and daunting task. Join Iowa landowner Carole Reichardt (above) and land manager Mollie Aronowitz (left) to discuss landowner-tenant expectations, leasing guidelines, successful management strategies and how they work together to meet Carole’s goals.

Carole will share her experiences managing family farms in Iowa and Missouri, and Mollie will discuss the role of Peoples Company as a landowner resource.
Resources for Farm Transfer
Check out our new landowner page!
Visit our new Landowner page. This page curates resources and information that we think will be useful for non-operating farmland owners.
In this magazine article, we spoke with Practical Farmers’ members and partners who have experience with conservation easements.

Find A Farmer was created by Practical Farmers of Iowa to help maintain family farms and vibrant rural communities by facilitating the transfer of land from one generation to the next.

Create a free account as a landowner or land seeker, build a profile that tells your story, search for a match and start an anonymous conversation.
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