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We're a group of South Florida small family farms that have been working together since 2001 to offer a wide range of locally-grown, seasonal, certified organic produce, eggs, and local raw farm honey. Our produce does not go through packinghouses or warehouses - it goes directly from us to you, ensuring minimal handling and exposure to contamination.

Access to freshly-harvested, organic or pesticide-free whole foods is crucial to developing and keeping healthy eating habits that help you stay healthy and strong. Our minimally-handled produce reduces potential exposure to COVID-19 and food contaminants.

Buying locally-grown helps bolster our local economy and keep your local farmers in business.
Our boxes contain ONLY 100% Redland-Raised certified organic or pesticide-free produce grown by us and our local farm partners.
depending on what's ready to harvest. Get ready to experiment with unusual crops you might never see in a grocery store...

 SNEAK PEEK...this week
*NEW* Increase your food security with tropical perennial food plants
We're harvesting Donnie Avocados, sweet carambola, coconuts, bananas, papaya, guava, seagrape, canistel, jakfruit, mamey and assorted other fruit as our farm partners report back. You'll see a selection of these in the Tutti Fruity Box. Likely to appear in The Spice Box are seasoning herbs and spices - items like basil, Hoja Santa, betel leaf, hot peppers, galangal (Thai ginger), lemongrass, curry leaf, allspice berries, and other tea or flavoring surprises. The Box o'Baby Greens will feature some kind of baby or microgreens, herbs, edible flowers, and other tropical summer greens such as longevity or Okinawa spinach, South Sea Salad tree, cranberry hibiscus, and others as available. The Seasonal Mix box will include selections from all of the above, plus items like Orange Jing okra, and possibly others (even WE don't know right now what interesting thing we'll find while harvesting!

Please note - Other sellers offer mixed produce and fruit boxes containing familiar food items grown elsewhere (out of state, from across the country, or even imported) because those items don't grow here in our hot, wet, tropical summers. Our boxes contain only 100% South-Florida-grown produce (Redland-raised,grown by us and our local farm partners, and USDA certified organic or pesticide-free (vetted by me - Margie).
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'cuz tomorrow WILL be too late
The ordering window is short - don't miss out
expect tomatoes, broccoli, so-called "summer" squash like zucchini, delicate herbs like cilantro, dill, head lettuces.
expect tropical specialties *ALL GROWN HERE* like nopales, calabaza, tropical spinach, okra, seasoning and hot peppers, garlic chives, curry leaf, Cuban oregano, lemongrass, avocados, bananas, papaya, mamey, carambola, allspice, and other seasonal tropical fruit. We may also include value-added items - perhaps dried fruit, herbal tea, dry beans.

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Mix 'n Match our special summer box options
100% is South Florida grown & Redland Raised
Seasonal Mix Box 
Tutti Fruity Box
Box o'Baby Greens 
The Spice Box

...add more goodies available to order today
*NEW* tropical food plants
Farm Honey, fresh pollen, and royal jelly
Angry Booch ferments
Counter Culture Kombucha sampler packs and half-gallon jugs
Redland-raised dry beans (pesticide-free)
Moroccan style preserved citrus
Our addictive, delicious dried fruit...
 Better Than Candy! and Fruits of Summer Mix
Goat Milk soaps, soothing bath teas, luffa sponges
herb teas
 some great cookbooks, tote bags
chicken feed
Smoking/Jerk/BBQ wood
PICK UP at Bee Heaven Farm
choose FRIDAY 3 pm-4 pm or SATURDAY 10 am-11 am
<<NOTE: if you've already ordered this summer, pickup will default to your original delivery day. If you want to change your delivery day, please CHANGE IT before completing your ORDER.>>

   We are at 19000 SW 264th St, Redland, FL 33031-1787.
Look for the farm sign
IMPORTANT: 19030 is out of sequence- keep going west to get to us.
DIRECTIONS: Right after you pass the curvy white gate at 19000 and the Bee Heaven Farm sign, you'll see a YELLOW ARROW "ENTER HERE" sign mounted on an orange traffic cone at the farm's west gate. Drive on in, and follow the arrows to the pickup site. Turn into the parking area (there are 3 spots), so you don't block the driveway. Please be CAREFUL of fast-moving trucks on our roadway when entering AND exiting.
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