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Farm to School Plants Roots in Schools, Inspires Healthy Eating

As Iowans, farm to table was a way of life for me and my family.  Until I was in 5th grade, my family lived in 5 states and two European countries. Everywhere we lived my parents had a garden so they could grow their own food, or they adopted a local farmer so they knew who was growing their food...October's celebration of Farm to School Month offers an opportunity for schools to grow that passion for food...

Denver Public Schools takes farm to school to heart.  Literally.  Since 2012, the district has been converting unused school land into working farms that produce thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables for the district's schools.  The school farms are a true collaborative effort and their benefits extend far beyond school grounds 

Farm to school is a true national movement with programs in all fifty states and the District of Colombia.  Although some key elements are shared among the state programs, every state has its own unique approach to farm to school.  Here, the Green Schools National Network highlights Nebraska's farm to school efforts and shares the best practices and resources used to get schools involved.  

When thinking about farm to school, most people envision local and regional efforts built on relationships between farmers, advocates, and school districts.  However, with a little creativity and a lot of dedication, farm to school can be successfully implemented at a national scale.  Sodexo has taken this challenge head on and is positioning itself as a leader in the farm to school movement.  Learn how this food service provider is bringing farm to school to its school districts.
Learn about farm to school's origins, its benefits, and steps you can take to start and maintain a farm to school program at your school.
By making direct connections between growers and schools, farm to school programs provide local markets for family farmers and healthier food choices for schoolchildren.  Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine and originally authored by Marion Kalb.

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