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Farmageddon Records Music Festival 2012 has been relocated. Due to the current expected attendance numbers and space limitations at Longhorn Saloon on Hebgen Lake, The Festival has been moved to 10 Denny Creek Road off of Targhee Pass HWY/HWY 20 -just 6 miles west of the town of West Yellowstone and only 20 miles from the former location at Longhorn Saloon on Hebgen Lake. The new location offers The Festival much more space, is just as scenic, and is more convenient for those staying in West Yellowstone.


We understand some of you may have booked accommodations close to the Longhorn Saloon on Hebgen Lake for the weekend and the location change may inconvenience you and your travel to and from the Festival. If so, please contact us at and we will do what we can to provide you with information on alternative accommodations closer to the new location.


The new location also offers more space on the Festival grounds for primitive camping (There have been 5 addition RV passes added on attendstar) and is situated very close to Yellowstone Park KOA located about 1 mile East of the Festival Grounds at 3305 Targhee Pass HWY/HWY 20. Visit their website or call 800-562-7591 for reservations.


Even closer is West Yellowstone Super 8 located at 1545 Targhee Pass HWY/HWY 20 half a mile from the Festival Grounds and 7.5 miles from town. Call them at 406-646-9584 for reservations or visit for more information.


Farmageddon Records Music Festival will be providing shuttle bus service to and from The Festival each day on a regular schedule with a drop off and pick up point in the town of West Yellowstone for anyone staying in town.


For all festival guidelines and the entire schedule please scroll to the bottom of this newsletter. Please share this with your friends! 

Southern Culture On The Skids
Friday July 20th 7:30PM!

Nothing is more Southern than Southern Culture on the Skids. Formed in 1983, the Chapel Hill, N.C.-based hillbilly surf-rockers formed their image on the concept of everything so wonderfully south of the Mason-Dixon - with songs like, "Banana Pudding."


"We just started writing about things we grew up with and Southern things," guitarist Rick Miller said. "It really evolved around food and geography - and we indulged our sense of humor and licked some musical inspiration from the '50s and '60s. Anything from classic country to rockabilly to swamp pop. Southern forms of music is a very rich field to mine, so we've made own brand and we do our own thing." Within this musical mine-field, the band has concocted a melting pot of blended Americana.

Slim Cessna's Auto Club    Saturday July 21st 10PM

 Engaging, riveting, sad and humorous; demanding the audience to participate both live and while listening to their albums; Slim Cessna's Auto Club has been branded with every musical description possible. This seems fitting, as SCAC describes their music as American (Is that not what America is and has been, a mixture of every one and thing resulting in something new?); and after two decades of working and living as SCAC, they have created their own genre.

The instruments are drums, upright bass, pedal steel, banjos, piano, guitar, vocals and stories. They have recorded critically acclaimed albums (Village Voice, Denver Post, San Francisco Chronicle) on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label. Spin Magazine and No Depression have described them as the best live band in America. The songs are each thoughtfully crafted with unique arrangements, executed by superb musicianship, then fully realized through original, insightful and intelligent lyrics. With two of the most charismatic frontmen around (Westword) and four accomplished musicians, SCAC is the past, present and future of American music.

Shooter Jennings & The Farmageddon Boys 
Saturday July 21st 7:30PM
One of the highlight performances of the 2012 Farmageddon Records Music Festival will be when Shooter Jennings takes the stage! He will be backed by James Hunnicutt, Graham Lindsey, Jayke Orvis, Liz Sloan, and a few familiar faces like Braxton Brandenberg of the Ugly Valley Boys! Rumor has it that Bob Wayne might be joining in for a song!  There will be a tribute set, paying homage to Shooter's dad, the one and only Waylon Jennings! This is a set you don't want to miss!
Eerie Von                         Sunday July 22nd 7:30PM 
Born on 08/25/1964, Eerie grew up in Lodi, NJ and graduated from Lodi High School in 1982 with Steve Zing and Doyle of The Misfits. Before joining Samhain, Eerie played drums for the Lodi bandRosemary's Babies. He also was a roadie and photographer for The Misfits. Originally in Samhainas the drummer, Eerie later switched to bass to take advantage of his potential as a stage presence, replacing Al Pike. When the band changed its name to Danzig, Eerie remained, playing on the first 4 Danzig albums, and developing a close relationship with the band's fans. After Eerie and John Christ left the band in July 1995, he later formed Bighouse, and recorded solo albums, one with Mike Morance.
The Goddamn Gallows                    Sunday July 22nd 10:30PM 

Words will not do any justice to The GDG. These guys put on one of the most entertaining live shows around! This band has been building momentum since the bands conception in 2007. They have added new members over the years and refined the bands sound into something truly original, it falls between the lines of Punk-Rock & Bluegrass, with hints of Americana & Folk, and a few Psychobilly Tones for good measure. If you haven't had the chance to see these guys live yet, you are in for a treat!
Jayke Orvis & the Broken Band         Sunday July 22nd 8:30PM

Jayke Orvis has been setting and raising the bar for punks-turned-pickers ever since his days in .357 String Band of which he is a founding and former member. Known for his lightning quick mandolin picking, he effortlessly infuses punk, rock, blues, gypsy, honky-tonk, bluegrass and old-time to develop a style all his own helping to define the sound of a genre while simultaneously, and gratifyingly, making it all that much more difficult to pin a name onto.


After leaving Milwaukee in 2007 he relocated to Pittsburgh, PA where he now calls home, that is when he's not touring nearly full-time as mandolin and banjo player with The Goddamn Gallows, or for his own project as singer, instrumentalist, composer, and bandleader for Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band. His debut offering,It's All Been Said, was released in 2010 on Farmageddon Records and has received airplay on Sirius and helped to earn him an Artist Of The Year 2010 nod from Saving Country Music.
Sean & Zander!                       10PM Friday July 20th!
A recent and welcomed addition to the fest roster! Based on the resumes of vocalist Sean Wheeler (Throw Rag) and multi-instrumentalist Zander Schloss (Circle Jerks, the Weirdos, Joe Strummer), you'd expect a rambunctious sound emanating from the Legendary Duo, but you'd be wrong. The twosome plays a hybrid of folk, country, pop, ragtime, bluegrass and gospel that includes all the frenzied energy and spirit of the duo's aforementioned bands, but is executed with a soulful dash of Americana charm not often heard west of the Mississippi.
The Sawyer Family!        Thursday July 19th! 9:45PM
Drawing inspiration from the gloomy climate of the Pacific Northwest, The Sawyer Family are, at once, steeped in mythology and darkness, and eerily real. Originally formed in 2001 in Eugene, Oregon, the band has continuously evolved in the decade since, writing darker, heavier material, but still retaining the flairs of melody and harmony their fans came to expect from them. Catch them live at the Farmageddon Records Music Festival Pre-Party on Thursday July 19th! 
J.B. Beverley & Friends      Saturday July 21st 7:30PM
J.B. Beverley was born in Virginia in 1977. Reared in a musical household, Beverley grew up on early country, bluegrass, rockabilly, big band, and various forms of old time blues. By his teens, the punk bug had bit, and nights at DC's 9:30 Club, and other haunts, became the norm. Learning the drums and guitar, J.B. formed his first band THE BAD HABITS in 1993. An old-school punk sound, rooted
in influences like The Misfits, FEAR, Black Flag, and Mot�rhead, the Bad Habits (three different incarnations) made an small name for themselves in the DC area until calling it a day in 1996.   J.B. has been a strong figure in traditional country and honky tonk music since the mid to late 90's. His song writing abilities reach out to the working class, the folks that like real music, not the over polished pop stuff. His music is real, J.B. is real, and his live performances are not to missed. Originally J.B. was supposed to be backed by Liquorbox at Farm-Fest, but that fell through due to last minute van problems. He will pull his band for the festival from the many talented music friends that will be there, like James Hunnicutt & Jayke Orvis.
 Graham Lindsey                  Saturday July 21st 5:30PM

 Lindsey's music has been said to fall somewhere in the middle of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and 'if Gillian Welch had a male counterpart,' while following in the traditions of Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly. But it does so with plenty of his own punk rock sensibilities in tact. Armed with a guitar, banjo, and an arsenal of harmonicas, Lindsey also performs with a drummer, his wife Tina.
James Hunnicutt              Saturday July 21st 6:30PM
James Hunnicutt is a very talented musician, hailing from Port Orchard Washington, his musical abilities are seemingly unreal. Hunnicutt has such a wide range of musical influences, ranging from Hank Williams, The Beatles, to Slayer. James has a powerful voice, with a range that would baffle many who listen, he was also born with perfect pitch. Catch James will not only be performing his own solo material at the festival, he will be sitting in with Shooter Jennings, Graham Lindsey, J.B. Beverley, & Eerie Von! James puts his heart & soul into his music, and it shows!
 Phillip Roebuck                                   Saturday July 21st 1:30PM 
PHILLIP ROEBUCK is a Virginia-born, New York-bred songster and bare bones one-man band. With punk rock intensity, Roebuck stomps out beats on a classic, depression-era drum apparatus, while strumming the banjo with a fierce ragged-but-right style. 
Although he has played over a thousand shows in venues and on festival stages in the U.S. and Europe, Roebuck can just as easily be seen performing on a street corner in New Orleans or New York City, where he has spent nearly a decade honing his skills as a one-man band. 
Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies  Saturday July 21st 11:30PM

Bob Wayne is as true of a DIY act as there is, kicking off his career without an agent, manager, record label, proper touring vehicle or fulltime backing band. He picked up and moved from the Pacific Northwest to Nashville and was instantly embraced by the community of underbelly outlaws whose stripped down and straightforward country cuts through the mainstream noise and pop pretenders. "You can't rely on waiting around," he insists. "You just go. That's what I do. I'm just going to keep doing it."


Bob Wayne songs often deal with the spiritual torment of living life pulled between good and evil; or they are about cutting loose and partying with your best friends; and then there are what he calls "the story songs."

The Calamity Cubes!          Sunday July 22nd 4:30PM 

The Calamity Cubes! is an acoustic three-piece from Wichita, KS featuring Brook Blanche on guitar and vocals, Joey Henry on banjo and vocals, and Kody Oh on bass and vocals. Since 2008 they have brought their acoustic-gospel-bluegrass-country-soul-punk, or self-proclaimed thrashicana, across the U.S. rousing crowds with their interactive, dynamic live sets and memorable, masterful songwriting.


  Having self-released several albums already, The Calamity Cubes! third full-length and Farmageddon Records debut, Old World's Ocean, will be released in 2012.

Black Eyed Vermillion                          Saturday July 21st 4:30PM

 Black Eyed Vermillion is Gary Lindsey (of Hank 3's Assjack) backed by The Vermillionaires consisting ofFritz 'Burger' Nation and Johnny 'Sunshine' Johnson on guitars, Kurtis D. Machler on Bass, and Bircho Birch on Drums.

Combining the elements of American roots music with the dark anger of punk and grindcore, Black Eyed Vermillion have released several recordings, their most recent The Pleasure Tide released on Farmageddon Records in 2012 featuring backup by The Inheritance -an Eastern European experimental/folk band from Austin, TX.

Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy          Sunday July 22nd 6:30PM

is a high-energy, acoustic brass 'n' grass outfit based out of Wichita, KS. The band, whose sound has been described as a stagecoach in overdrive, has brought their eclectic blend of punk, bluegrass, dixieland, and circus tunes to packed bars, basements, and festivals across the United States since 2007.


With tunes that cover just about everything from drinkin' to dyin' to livin' and lyin', CNS can fill the dance floor with their blazing bluegrass and circus tunes as quickly as they can provoke existential introspection with dark, slinky tunes reminiscent of a New Orleans funeral march. Blaring trombones melt into break-neck banjo solos, while the "junkyard" trap set and stand-up bass churn out hard-driving rhythms that carry the force of a Kansas freight train.


This unique blend of styles combined with the high energy maintained on stage, allows CNS to fit perfectly into any lineup including folk, bluegrass, punk, metal, ska, or jam. Always providing an energetic and drink 'em down atmosphere to any place they play, Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy has proven a dedication to their live shows with a solid understanding of what entertainment really means.

Festival Schedule! 



6:00pm-6:30pm Aran Buzzas

6:45pm-7:30pm The Tom Cook Band

7:45pm-8:30pm Dead Tree String Band

8:45pm-9:30pm The Moustache Bandits

9:45pm-10:45pm Sawyer Family



10:00am-10:30am Ando Ehlers

10:45am-11:15am Dan Infecto

11:30am-12:15pm Angie And The Car Wrecks

12:30pm-1:15pm Molly Gene One Whoaman Band

1:30pm-2:15pm Danny Kay And The Nightlifers

2:30pm-3:15pm Shivering Denizens

3:30pm-4:15pm Hard Money Saints

4:30pm-5:15pm Carolina Still

5:30pm-6:15pm Sean K Preston with Filthy Still

6:30pm-7:15pm Thee Swank Bastards

7:30pm-8:45pm Southern Culture On The Skids  

9:00pm-9:45pm Saint Christopher                 

10:00pm-10:45pm Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss

11:00pm-11:45pm Tales From Ghost Town



10:00am-10:30am The Deadnecks

10:45am-11:15am My Graveyard Jaw

11:30am-12:15pm Cutthroat Shamrock

12:30pm-1:15pm Mcdougall

1:30pm-2:15pm Phillip Roebuck

2:30pm-3:15pm Izzy Cox

3:30pm-4:15pm Whiskeydick

4:30pm-5:15pm Black Eyed Vermillion

5:30pm-6:15pm Graham Lindsey

6:30pm-7:15pm James Hunnicutt

7:30pm-8:15pm J.B. Beverley

8:30pm-9:45pm Shooter Jennings & The Farmageddon Boys

10:00pm-11:15pm Slim Cessna's Auto Club                 

11:30pm-12:15am Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies



10:00am-10:30am The Harmed Brothers

10:45am-11:15am Willy Tea Taylor

11:30am-12:15pm The Perreze Farm

12:30pm-1:15pm Highlonesome

1:30pm-2:15pm Soda Gardocki

2:30pm-3:15pm Ugly Valley Boys

3:30pm-4:15pm Tom Vandenavond with The Calamity Cubes!

4:30pm-5:15pm The Calamity Cubes!

5:30pm-6:15pm Filthy Still

6:30pm-7:15pm Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy

7:30pm-8:15pm Eerie Von featuring The Farmageddon Boys

8:30pm-9:15pm Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band

9:30pm-9:50pm Fishgutzzz And His Ignorant Band

10:00pm-10:20pm Mikey Classic And His Lonesome Spur

10:30pm-11:45pm The Goddamn Gallows


My Graveyard Jaw
New addition to Farmageddon Records and the music fest! 
Willy Tea Taylor
Catch him live! 
11AM Sunday
July 22nd! 
Ugly Valley Boys 

Catch Them Live!
Sunday July 22nd
at 2:30PM 
Soda Gardocki
Catch Him Live!
Sunday July 22nd
At 1:30PM! 
Tom Vandenavond
Catch Him Live backed by The Calamity Cubes!
Sunday July 22nd!
At 2:30PM! 
Mikey Classic & His Lonesome Spur

Frontman Of The Goddamn Gallows will perform a solo set before the GDG take the stage! 
Fishgutzzz & His Ignorant Band

Bass Player Of The Goddamn Gallows performing his solo material before the GDG take the stage! 

Catch him live! 12:30PM on Saturday July 21st!
Cutthroat Shamrock
Live Saturday July 21st! 11:30AM 
Carolina Still
Catch Them Live!
Friday July 20th! At 4:30PM 
The Perreze Farm

Live July 22nd!
At 11:30AM
The Harmed Brothers

Catch Them Live!
Sunday July 22nd
At 10:00AM
Filthy Still

Catch Them Live!
Sunday July 22nd
At 5:30PM
Izzy Cox

Catch her live!
Saturday July 21st
At 2:30PM

Catch them live!
Sunday July 21st
At 12:30PM
Ando Ehlers

Catch him live!
Friday July 20th
At 10:00AM
Dan Infecto

Catch him live!
Friday July 20th
At 10:45AM
Angie & The Carwrecks

Catch them live!
Friday July 20th
At 11:30AM
Molly Gene
One Whoaman Band

Catch her live!
Friday July 20th
At 12:30PM
Shivering Denizens

Catch them live!
Friday July 20th
At 2:30PM
Hard Money Saints

Catch them live!
Friday July 20th
At 3:30PM
Sean K. Preston
Backed By
Filthy Still

Catch them live!
Friday July 20th
At 5:30PM
Thee Swank Bastards

Catch them live!
Friday July 20th
At 6:30PM
Saint Christopher

Catch him live!
Friday July 20th
At 9:00PM
Tales From Ghost Town

Catch him live!
Friday July 20th
At 11:00PM
The Deadnecks

Catch them live!
Saturday July 21st
At 10:00AM
Whiskey Dick

Catch them live!
Saturday July 21st
At 3:30PM
Aran Buzzas

Catch him live!
Thursday July 19th
At 6:00PM
The Tom Cook Band

Catch them live!
Thursday July 19th
At 6:45PM
Dead Tree String Band

Catch them live!
Thursday July 19th
At 7:45PM
The Moustache Bandits

Catch them live!
Thursday July 19th
At 8:45PM
Super 8 
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The Festival Grounds and Entrance (directly off of Targhee Pass HWY/HWY 20) will officially open at noon on Thursday, July 19th to ticket holders.  The Ticket & Check-in Booth is located through the Entrance Gate to the right on Festival Grounds. Vehicles will be processed here. Please remain in your vehicle.


You may exit and re-enter the Festival Grounds with your vehicle as you like, but parking is not reserved and you may lose your spot. You must have your wristband, ticket stub & ID for re-entry, no exceptions, or you may be required to purchase another ticket. Intoxicated persons will not be re-admitted. Vehicles are subject to search each re-entry.


All Festival attendees will be required to leave the Festival Grounds no later than 2pm on Monday, July 23rd. We encourage everyone to help pitch in and clean up before departure. This is a "leave-no-trace" event.



Parking is located beyond the Ticket & Check-in Booth at the East end of the Festival Grounds. Please follow signs and the instructions of Festival Personnel. All parking is on a first come first serve basis with the exception of RV pass holders.


NO PARKING is allowed anywhere except inside Festival Grounds. You will be fined and towed if you park anywhere else.



For security purposes your vehicle is subject to search at entry and each re-entry. Rental trucks or box vans will not be allowed on Festival Grounds.



Designated primitive tent camping areas are located on the Festival Grounds for 3-Day pass holders. Please refer to the Map of Festival Grounds. You are encouraged to set your tents up as close together as possible as space may become limited. Tent spots are on a first come first serve basis. Campfires are not allowed.


A separate designated RV area is available only for reserved RV pass holders. The area is primitive only -no hook ups or dump stations are available on Festival Grounds. Campfires and dumping are not allowed.



Items will be confiscated and violators will be removed from Festival Grounds -no exceptions. There is a Stage One State Fire Restriction currently in effect, and probably still will be the weekend of The Festival.



Smoking will only be allowed at a designated smoking area due to Stage One State Fire Restrictions in Montana. Please respect the Festival, the community, and the law. We aren't fascists, we simply can not risk starting a wildfire.



As much as we love them, they are not permitted on Festival Grounds. In addition, daytime temperatures will become to hot for them to remain in parked vehicles.



Any areas that are fenced or roped off are private land and you will be trespassing. Please respect these areas. Also, stay out of the creek that runs through the property. It is an irrigation ditch and is sensitive to human impact. It will be illuminated and/or roped off during the Festival for your safety.





Ample trashcans are available throughout the Festival Grounds. Please pick up after yourself. This is a "leave-no-trace" event.



If you have valuables with you, we recommend carrying them with you at all times or locking them inside your vehicle. Farmageddon Records Music Festival does not take responsibility for any lost, damaged, or stolen personal property.



Portable toilets and sinks are available throughout the Festival Grounds. A variety of food vendors and food is available at The Festival. Showers are available off-site. Please inquire at the Merchandise Tent Information area for further details.



A variety of personal and camping products are available for sale 1 mile east of the Festival Grounds at Yellowstone KOA.



A variety of local food and beverage vendors are located at The Festival throughout the weekend.



A shuttle bus provides service between The Festival and the town of West Yellowstone throughout the weekend for your safety and convenience.



Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns you may have during The Festival to our staff located at the Merchandise Tent. A supervised Lost & Found area is also located here for children or belongings.



Have your State ID or Driver's License on you at all times. You may be asked to show proof of ID at anytime while on Festival Grounds. Additionally, you may be asked to show ID and Festival ticket stub if you require a replacement wristband. Wear your wristband (and 21+ wristband if applicable) at all times during the Festival.



Merchandise of all artists performing at The Festival will be available for sale at the Merchandise Tent near the Stage.



Drink plenty of water

Wear sunscreen

Carry and use a flashlight. Bring extra batteries

Drink responsibly



Please do not endanger yourself or others. The Montana Highway Patrol will be out in full force the nights of The Festival. There is camping available at The Festival on a first come-first serve basis for 3-Pass holders. There will also be a shuttle bus to West Yellowstone available each day of the event.



There are bear, moose, buffalo, mountain lion, elk, and rattlesnake in the area. Also, bison migrate at night and are known to linger on the road. Their eyes do not reflect light and they are extremely difficult to see. Please take extra precautions while driving after dark in the area.



There is cell reception on the Festival Grounds, but it may be spotty.



Prepare for the possibility of cold weather. Temperatures can drop quickly at high altitudes and especially at night. Local weather can be extreme and unpredictable -though Summer storms are often short-lived.



Please consider your medical conditions, allergies, etc. There will be local EMS available for emergencies, however, the closest hospital is Bozeman Deaconess Hospital 1.5 hrs away in Bozeman, MT.



Please contact us at if you have any additional questions.