The legislature returned this week after a break.   So bill updates are few this week. However, below is a recap of all the bills we've been tracking.  It's not too late to be contact and share your thoughts with your legislators about any of these bills!   

HB 2595   The original bill preempts local efforts to address food based disparities and to make the healthy choice the easy choice in settings such as restaurants, retail food establishments and vending machines.  There is concern the bill in its current state could also negatively affect momentum around local food systems development.    

SB 314   calls for the extension of the Local Food and Farm Task Force.  The extension will allow the task force to continue evaluating policy and funding recommendations for expanding and supporting local food systems and for assessing and overcoming obstacles in order to increase locally grown food production.  
House Bill 2444   This bill would drop the sales tax on groceries to 2.6 percent while ending the income tax exemption on some 330,000 businesses.

HB 2479 Amendments to Kansas Noxious Weed Law.  This bill would allow the secretary of Ag to make an emergency declaration of noxious weeds and also estabishes a state noxious weed advisory committee. On March 2 it was referred to the Committee on Natural Resources.