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Organic Farming Helps This Farmer Think Outside the Box 

by Jean Stramel

Whether she is cultivating her corn, doing administrative tasks for the local OCIA chapter or serving on the Farm Service Agency County Committee, there is no doubt Jackie Keller is fully devoted to advocating for farmers and helping create a healthier food system.  She is one of the few women in Kansas who is managing and doing the primary labor of raising row crops on her farm.  

Jackie is working the farm her parents bought in 1969 and moved to from Topeka when Jackie was 11 years old. Jackie spent much of her youth and early adult years riding, jumping and showing horses. While studying organic agriculture in Cuba for her MA in International Relations at San Francisco State, a light bulb went off in her head, “Why don’t I move back to Kansas and transition mom and dad’s farm to organic?”   

She gave notice to her boss at the San Francisco Department of Environment, where she worked on the Pesticide Reduction Program, handed in her thesis on sustainable agriculture, and got on the plane.  

Learn more here about Jackie's story and where she is at now with her organic operation since moving back to Kansas!  

 Water, Energy, Land & Food Forum Helped Advocates reach Legislators
KRC, along with over 22 partner organizations, brought together over 175 Kansans for a day at the Capitol to learn about and advocate for water, energy, land and food policies. The day brought together advocates to learn about  priority bills that involve or could impact these issues. Throughout the day, speakers offered  tips on how to effectively advocate with their policy makers.  
Attendees, including over 60 legislators, were treated to a local food lunch prepared by  Raven's Table Catering.   Ham, turkey, tofu, eggs and bread were all sourced from farmers and businesses in Northeast Kansas.  
Attendees had the opportunity to meet with legislators to discuss many of the priority bills they learned about earlier in the day.  
The day proved to be an impactful convening of organizations and Kansans interested in advocating for our states natural resources and food systems.  

Feeding Kansas: Statewide Farm & Food Assessment with a Plan for Public Action

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