October 1st, 2018
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Fresh food has long been a point of distinction for vending operators, as it provides one of the few areas where an operator can offer products that set their service apart from the competition. At the same time, fresh food requires a major investment in a product category that on its own, is rarely profitable.

Vending operators have offered fresh food to locations knowing the quality of their food can be the determining factor in winning the business. In most situations, however, the fresh food is viewed as a “loss leader.” The operator seeks to offset losses from the fresh food with profits from their candy/snack and beverage machines.

Luke Saunders wasn’t thinking about any of this when he came up with the idea for Farmer’s Fridge , a vending machine exclusively offering fresh food. Instead, Saunders was trying to find the solution to a problem that he himself encountered while working as a salesman spending a lot of time in airports where he had a hard time finding fresh food .

Zytronic , a provider of projected capacitive technology touch sensors, has partnered with Cryptera , a payment technology provider, to introduce a new touchscreen to support secure PIN entry applications in vending machines and other payment terminals.

The PIN transaction security compliant product, named CryptoTouch Unattended, is available in Zytronic touch sensors between 10 to 24 inches diagonal, which allows authenticated payments to be handled completely via the touchscreen without the need for a separate encrypting mechanical PIN pad.

The solution comes with an encrypted touch controller and a secure touch sensor that meets EMV and PCI 3.x requirements. CryptoTouch Unattended links with a contactless card reader or secure chip and PIN to support offline PIN verification.

Worldline , a European based provider in the payments and transactional services industry, has delivered its first Valina payment terminal in the U.K. at Tiffany & Co.’s new boutique in Covent Garden London, offering luxury perfume. The Android-based payment terminal offers contactless, chip and mag stripe transactions. 

Worldline delivered the terminal working in partnership with Jofemar, K6 Design Group and SV365 Technologies.

The world’s first Android-based all-in-one payment terminal, Valina can fit any EVA-compliant terminal, making it easy for merchants to use value-added business applications, such as NFC loyalty, couponing, and wallets.

ID Tech , a payment solutions provider, has announced the release of Kiosk IV, the smallest EMV contactless reader available to the unattended payment market. With the latest EMV L1 contactless approval and the most recent EMV kernels, integrators now have access to new features available to the contactless loyalty and payment market.

The reader allows merchants to accept payments using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay, while also supporting Apple VAS and Google SmartTap 2.1 loyalty programs.

Furthermore, mounting studs have been designed to be physically backwards compatible with the company’s Kiosk II and Kiosk III contactless antennas, which allow for a seamless physical integration with the Kiosk IV. For those seeking secure protection of contactless cardholder data, the Kiosk IV supports TDES or AES encryption using DUKPT key management.

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