How has the chemical market changed in a month?

A month can change many things in the agriculture world. Southern customers have seen planting rapidly increase while dry weather continues to cause issues in the Midwest. Our Northern customers are still seeing remnants of their last snows as it continues to melt. That is the extent of what we will pretend to know outside of chemicals. 

As a result of these conditions and timing, traditional retail wins as we expected. With chemicals continuing to move in these ways we should not see increased pricing on the most basic chemicals or post patented products. This means very little is actually being purchased from manufacturers therefore replacement cost is lower than retail's current cost position. 

At Farmerce we recommend doing your due diligence and using our platform not only as a customer but as a reference to know where current market inputs should be priced. As an e-commerce company we cannot always be your quickest delivery or pickup option but with some planning of your essential chemicals we could save you thousands of dollars!!

What's next

There is still a lot of season ahead of us. Burndown products will continue to go out. Currently we are seeing 5# Glyphosate totes selling on our site for an average of $15.50 per gallon. LV6 totes are moving around $31.50. Those two should stay in that range or within a couple of dollars. It will be in your best interest to think about insecticides and fungicides now. If you know you have a need we are expecting to have some great prices as these products are also long in the market. Shop now, plan now, begin to get your foundation products ordered. Let us know what we can do to help at [email protected].

New and Noteworthy will be launching a bidding feature to it's website in May. This will allow farmers to request products and receive bids to accept or reject with a click of a button. As always no shipping costs or added fees. The price you see is what you pay.

We had the opportunity to visit with Damian Mason on the Business of Agriculture Podcast. Our CEO Lance answers questions and explains what is all about. See the video below!

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