February 3, 2021
2020 WRAP UP
2020 Program Accomplishments
The crises of 2020 were heartbreaking, and continue to be into this new year. California has faced a deadly virus, rampant wildfires, a recession that has increased economic inequality and pushed more families into economic hardship, hunger, and poverty. The Market Match program played a crucial role in nourishing Californians and supporting CA small farms through these hardships.
We hold infinite gratitude for the farmers and farmworkers, farmers’ market staff, volunteers, and other essential workers (including the 48 other organizations that we partner with to offer Market Match) that have kept our local food system functioning. And we want to express a huge thank you to our community for your support of the Market Match program.
Positive Findings from Nutrition Policy Institute Report
The Nutrition Policy Institute recently released a research brief of their 2018 survey of California Nutrition Incentive Program participants (including those who used Market Match). Overall, it shows positive impacts and feedback from participants, including greater food security, higher fruit and vegetable consumption, and appreciation of the program.

One participant expressed delight in being able to afford fresh and new foods that they may not have tried without CNIP:
"I'm eating better because I can afford to get fresh food, fresh vegetables and fruit that I wouldn't get otherwise... It gives me a chance to taste and to eat foods that I might not otherwise be exposed to... and foods that I wouldn't feel like I could afford... I just think it's fabulous."
We are excited to be able to continue to grow the Market Match program and positively impact the community.
Market Match New Partner RFA Coming Soon
The Ecology Center will be putting out a request for applications for new Market Match partners this spring. The Market Match program provides additional money to customers who spend their CalFresh benefits at participating farm-direct sites. If you think your market, CSA, mobile market and/or farm stand would be a great fit for our Market Match program, please consider applying.
We will be looking for markets in areas of high need and that have had EBT access for at least one season. If you are interested in Market Match but newer to EBT, let us know and we can connect about it in the future. Please visit last year’s Partner Application page to get a sense of the requirements and instructions on how to apply (this page will be updated once this year’s materials are ready). Please note: This will be an online application process, but we will be offering over the phone application assistance. 

Stay tuned to hear about the release – we'll be sending out another email when it's ready! In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us at marketmatch@ecologycenter.org with any questions.
California Small Farm Conference
February 22 - 28, 2021
Ecology Center will be facilitating several workshops at the Small Farm Conference, hosted by Community Alliance with Family Farmers. This year’s conference will be virtual and completely free to participants.

We hope to see you there!

New Market Match
How It Works Video
We’re excited to release a new animated video that explains how Market Match works at farmers’ markets! Click the link above to watch it.

Please help us share this video widely! You can use the resources on our Digital Engagement Toolkit to share on social media, websites, newsletters, and more. The video is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Cantonese.

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New Promo Video from
the Alliance
This new video from the California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets is a reminder that farmers’ markets are for everyone, and they are safe and essential! We hope it inspires folks to visit farmers’ markets for all the benefits they offer to our farmers, customers, community, and environment.

If you also feel inclined to share on Instagram or Twitter, be sure to tag the Alliance!
Twitter: @Ca_FMAlliance
EBT Webinar for CSAs and Farmstands Available
You can now access the recording of our Adding EBT to Your Farm-Direct Site (Farm stand, CSA, Mobile Market) webinar, hosted in November 2020 (also access the slides and notes).

Get an overview of the process of adding EBT access to farm stands, CSAs, and mobile farmers’ markets. Whether you are a farmer, non-profit, or other type of organization, get your questions answered about the Food and Nutrition Service application, Point of Sale devices, marketing to EBT customers, and more. The International Rescue Committee’s New Roots Farm Stand manager shares his experience of adding EBT to their CSA/farm stand and improving accessibility for low-income customers.

Get access to other free resources on our EBT Simple Guide.
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