Volume 71 | August 12, 2019
Farmers Fight to Save Their Land as Trade War Intensifies
The feed chopper was the only machine Bob Krocak ever bought new, back when he was starting out as an ambitious young dairy farmer.

He used it to chop   acres of alfalfa and corn to feed his herd of Holstein dairy cattle, which repaid him   with some of the creamiest milk in Le Sueur County. The chopper and its fearsome blades lasted through four decades of cold winters, muddy springs and grueling   harvests.

Now, on a chilly Saturday morning, Krocak, 64, was standing next to the chopper in the parking lot of Fahey Sales Auctioneers and Appraisers, trying to sell what he had always prized. The 128 Holsteins were already gone, sold last year when his family quit the dairy business after three unprofitable years.
WI-Origin Tags Available Online!
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The WLIC online store gives producers several options for purchasing the WI-Origin™ tags, including choice of style, color, and price. Other preferences include a selection of both RFID (radio frequency identification), or non-RFID tags.

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In the News
Here's Why BEEF Readers Support Cattle Traceability
Informa Engage Research recently performed a survey on behalf of BEEF to assess general attitudes and trends among producers. Results reflect 876 completed surveys from producers in all U.S. states except Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, South Carolina and Vermont. 
China Bans Canadian Meat Imports
China recently banned all imports of meat from Canada following concerns forged customs certificates were used on some shipments of pork. It’s the latest blow for Canada amidst ongoing tension with the Chinese and affects trade worth almost to half-a-billion U.S. dollars.
SHIC Updates Global Swine Disease Situation
The current report details the African swine fever (ASF) situation in Bulgaria, which has declared a state of emergency after 130,000 pigs were culled in two weeks due to detection of the disease on six industrial farms in the country, SHIC said.
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Back in 1993 I.D.ology accepted the challenge of providing effective, efficient RFID system for animal agriculture. When ICAR published its standard conformance protocol as ISO 11784-11785 for low frequency tags and readers worldwide I.D.ology unified its development of tags and readers at this 134.2 frequency so that all tags could be read by I.D.ology readers and all readers could read I.D.ology tags.
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WLIC has renewed 24,800 premises so far in 2019!
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