October 2020

Lesotho team uses farming skills for outreach
The Lesotho Peer Educators have been attending trainings with an organization called “Farming God’s Way.” They are now using their farming skills as an outreach to young people in different communities, teaching them how to farm while also sharing the gospel and other life lessons found in the Reach4Life (R4L) Bible. After all, new life and growth are important in both farming and the gospel! We congratulate this wonderful team for taking advantage of this opportunity to reach their communities in such a relevant way.
Peer Educator gives encouragement before exams
Peer Educator Nkosana Sigasa from Villiers township is pictured here encouraging matriculants (seniors) at Villiers High before exams. The event was attended by all the teachers of the school. He taught on the R4L lesson, "Living Loved," and fifteen students and seven teachers made the decision to follow Christ.
Auction results!
After delaying our auction from May to October, Sacajawea Middle School was still unavailable for an in-person auction because the school district isn't allowing outside parties into their facilities due to COVID. We looked into an online auction and found Bidding Owl (biddingowl.com), which had a low fee (5% on items, donations are free), a user-friendly platform, online payments, and excellent customer service. People were easily able to register to bid, and the majority of the payments were done online. It was fun to get alerts when we were outbid and to try to figure out who “Pebbles” or other mysteriously named bidders were. Bidding Owl says they are planning an upgrade in November which will allow donations to be added at checkout, which was the one drawback we experienced.

Overall, we had fewer auction items available due to sports, theaters, etc. not operating and some businesses either closed or struggling to stay in business. But with some very generous monetary donations, we were able to raise $14,266 vs $16,887 last year, and a few more donations may still come in. By the way, if you are not already signed up, please consider assigning Prevention Time as your charity to support on Amazon Smile (see last article below). We are grateful to all who participated and for all of our donors, who have continued to support us so faithfully during this extraordinary year.
Kabo says "I am so happy!"
Pictured at right holding his written testimony is 13-year-old Kabo Mofokeng, who is in grade 8 at Sentebale Primary, Harrismith, Free State Province. “I am so happy now that we can meet again with our Peer educator and do Reach4Life. My R4L club is the best, we sing, talk freely and most of all we share the word together. Before I knew nothing about Christ, but now I am saved, God loves me and wants me to live a pure life.” Pictured to his left is Peer Educator Cleo Gudazi. (Those who went on the 2018 mission trip will remember Cleo.)
Reach4Life training in new region, Ulundi
Thandeka KaMavundla-Nzama, Reach4Life Africa director, reports "Situated in the Zululand District under King Mangosuthu Buthelezi, we launched at a village called Goqo. Three hours away from town, after many turns on a small steep gravel road, 2,000 Reach4Life Bibles were delivered to begin the work. We have launched the program through a partnership with the local church and the community traditional leaders. They saw a need for the program in the area, which has a very high rate of teen pregnancy, alcohol, and unemployment. We have been invited to serve at 80 schools in 17 villages under the Tribal Council’s jurisdiction.”
Pictured here are newly trained Peer Educators who are already running existing Reach4Life groups in different villages of the Ulundi region. Coordinator Sylvia Mbatha (pictured below) says, “I never thought I’ll see so many young people come to Jesus and completely surrendering to him like I have seen in this village. Poverty drives these young people to do unspeakable things and parents mostly allow it. An older man using a 13-year-old girl for sex in exchange for food is very common here. I prayed for this day where Reach4Life will be formalized in this village. Schools are far apart, its hard to get to them because of bad walking trails and roads as well, but the Lord has provided me with a team that desires that many should know Christ. Our weekly subsidy has allowed us to travel to villages far and near doing Reach4Life. There is life at our villages, even adults come in groups requesting that we teach them about Christ.”
Leader says "It is humbling"
Ulundi community leader Baba Shandu says, “We welcome the Reach4Life Program, and we believe it will change the lives of our people. I have never seen so many Bibles in my life and to think it took many people who made it possible for them to be brought at our village is humbling. Who are we that important people from all over the world would pray and give so that we can know Jesus? We will allow the program to run in each and every village of Ulundi till all have head the gospel. I think you need to train more peer educators and buy more Bibles because this village is going to belong to Jesus.”
Coordinators work together
Before moving to Ulundi, Sylvia Mbatha (right) served as a Peer Educator in Harrismith for two years. She started small groups and parents saw their kids giving their lives to Christ, and their behavior changing. She was then invited to do R4L assemblies in schools. Her work has resulted in R4L expanding into multiple villages. Thabisile Khumalo (left), a long-standing R4L ambassador and coordinator from KwaHlathi, came to support Sylvia on her official Reach4Life launch. Thabisile supplies teams in northern KwaZulu-Natal with Reach4Life Bibles stored in the eastern hub location of Ladysmith.
Cross-cultural training benefits R4L program
Happy Kekana (right), Reach4Life program administrator, handles reports, testimonies, program inquiries, Bible distribution plans, and communicates with all coordinators on the ground for any program updates and events of the ministry. Over the years, the work has expanded from South Africa into Swaziland, Mozambique, and Lesotho, and now work is beginning in Zimbabwe and Botswana. It is important for the ministry to have effective communication with all of these different cultures. Lynette Naidoo (right), formerly with Biblica and now a lecturer at a Bible college in Johannsburg, has experience with cross-cultural outreach and has been training Happy in this area. We remember Lynette from her early days with Biblica and love seeing her smiling face again! 
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