August 2019 
Board Meetings 
Farmington Square board meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m., all residents are welcomed to attend.  The meeting location rotates monthly, please contact a member of the board to find out the upcoming location or contact [email protected].

In the spirit of maintaining a growth in property values...
Maintaining a growth in property values and abiding by the Bylaws and covenants, the Farmington Square BOD would like your help.  The Farmington Square board is tasked with a myriad of issues, the one area where everyone in our HOA can be of  help is in regards to the home maintenance issue. 

Pursuing restrictions violations is time consuming and can be very costly, especially if an attorney is required.  The HOA board's hope is that by educating, and in turn resolving these violations quickly, the Farmington Square BOD attorney will not have to get involved, thus preventing us from increasing HOA dues. 

In particular, we are asking for your help with the following violations that we will continue  to enforce: Mailboxes, Grass & grounds, Privacy Fences, Patio Screens, Garden walls Here are the details:

Some mailboxes have become rotted, rusty, and in general disrepair (Feel free to contact $129 installed for a very nice basic mailbox)

Grass & grounds 
In addition to your lawn being cut on a regular basis, the grass clippings need to be disposed of properly and not blown into the street.  The cracks in the driveway must also be weeded, and shrubs trimmed.  Dead trees and tree limbs need to be removed, as well as any other shrub/hedges that are dead. Black diamond edging that has come out of the tract  also needs to be replaced.

Privacy Fences               Patio Screens               Garden walls
No structures of any kind are allowed for privacy screening. Plants, shrubs, bushes and trees are the only allowable means for privacy.  
The Board strives to maintain and increase property values for our subdivision.  Please do your part in improving and maintaining your property and the surrounding commons
Final Phase of the Renovation of the Entrances 
The final phase of the renovation of the entrances was recently completed. All four of the entrances were painted and stained to give the signs a fresh new look that enhances the beautiful updated landscaped beds.
 Center Commons 
The next phase of the re-dredging and installing rocks in the Center Commons to help with drainage and directing the flow of water should be finished should soon. Once finished the rock creek bed will connect to the previously finished area and run from the Fox Creek culvert through the Commons just past the culvert at the cross over pathway. 
The final phase is to extend the creek bed through the weeded area to the main culvert that connects to the pillbox at Halstead. But first, the area needs to be cleared in order to dig a trench and build a swell to prevent the water from flooding the bike path in that area. Our major problem is the area is so over-saturated with water that it is extremely difficult to hire a company to come in with their heavy equipment for fear of getting suck.

We recently had a company come out and start clearing the weeds/brush in the Center Commons. Unfortunately, halfway through the job his equipment got stuck in the mud and sunk 4 ft. It took two tow trucks and over an hour to pull his equipment free. Hopefully, now that some of the weeded area is cleared the sun can dry out the excessive wet area so work can proceed again.

In the meantime, the Board continues to talk with other companies for possible solutions to help remove the excess water from the area that floods the Shadowglen bike path. This continues to be a work in progress. 

Fall Garage Sale  
The Subdivision Fall Garage Sale will be Sept 26-29 (Thurs.-Sun.). We need enough time to plan the event and make the signs so let me know as soon as possible if you will participate.

Contact Sandi Soens,  [email protected]  with the following information:
  1. RSVP by Sept. 9 with the dates you will be open.
  2. Specify if you will NOT be open Sunday (optional) so we can change the routing.
  3. General list of items for sale to put in the online ads.
For those who have not participated in our subdivision garage sale, all the advertising and yards signs are done for you. All you need to do is set up your items and pick up the pre-made yard signs.

   When you RSVP please let us know:
  1. Yes, No, Maybe (for planning purposes) by Sept. 9
  2. Days NOT open -  Sunday - Yes or No (so we can change directional signage)
  3. Any specific items i.e. toys, furniture, clothes (to place on the online garage sale ads)
Volunteers are always welcome! 

Please be aware that residents are welcome to host their own garage sales, however, they must comply with the City ordinance for garage sales. According to the ordinance, all signage must be removed promptly at the end of the garage sale.
One of the reasons for having an organized subdivision wide garage sale was to prevent multiple independent garage sales that littered the sub with handmade signs that people never removed after the sale. These signs detract from the beauty of our subdivision.
The resident who had a garage sale three weeks ago, please remove your two signs from the Shadowglen entrance. Please be a good neighbor and respect our community.

Property Maintenance & Repairs 
While we encourage homeowners to maintain and upgrade their homes and property, please be aware that the Declaration of Covenants restrictions must be followed and require the Board's approval prior to making any alterations to the exterior of the property  
Contact Restrictions at [email protected]
When we joined the Farmington Square Subdivision, we all recognized that how we  maintain our own property affects not only the value of our individual property but also the values of the properties of our neighbors.  We all agreed to a set of Building and Use Restrictions listed in the Declaration of Covenants, a contract we all signed at closing when we purchased our houses. It is the homeowner's responsibility to read and comply with the subdivision Covenants. A copy of the Declaration of Covenants is on our website for easy reference:
Please refer to the subdivision bylaws on additions that are not allowed in our sub such as dog runs/houses, privacy fences, farm animals, etc.    
A copy of the bylaws is on our website: 

Amended and Restated Declaration of Convenants, 
Easements, Building and Use Restrictions 
It is not safe to assume that any structure that is on your property is there legally. Prior to replacing or making any alterations to the outside of your property these changes must be in accordance with the current Declaration of Covenants, please contact the board at  for approval prior to starting any job.
The Declaration of Covenants specify that the replacement or additions of decks or patios need prior approval from the board. Please include all the pertinent information including builder's drawings, dimensions, and materials to be used to the board prior to the start of the job.
If you are painting the outside of your house, only colors that will be harmonious with the rest of the houses in the subdivision are allowed.  Vibrant colors are not appropriate choices for the exterior painting of your entire house. Please contact the board for further clarification prior to painting.
The Declaration of Covenants specifies the type of materials that are allowed or not allowed to be used if you are adding or replacing the siding on your home. Again, contact the board for approval before starting your job.
Please be aware if you are replacing your driveway asphalt is not allowed. A permit from the City is also required.
Other areas in our Declaration of Covenants specify that homeowners are required to repair and maintain include damaged gutters, peeling paint, foggy windows, rotten trim or flat panels, condition of mailboxes, regular mowing/weeding and landscape maintenance to name just a few items.
The Declaration of Covenants states that no dog runs/pens, sheds, or breeding of animals are allowed. Only dogs/cats or other household pets are allowed.  No fencing with the exceptions of pools which are restricted to certain requirements/materials. No privacy fencing is allowed. No logo cars/trucks, boats, RVs or trailers parked in your driveway.
All of the Declaration of Covenants were designed to maintain the integrity of our subdivision and enhance our property values. Please do your part to preserve the beautiful, harmonious and open-air concept of our subdivision.
 Please to do not throw wood, limbs, concrete etc. behind the entrance signs. The Commons area is another problem area where people are dumping and contributing to our flooding issues. Dumping is also a violation of our Declaration of Covenants. Please take pride in your subdivision and respect the property and your neighbors. Farmington Hills has a great recycling program which makes it easy to recycle this waste properly. Below is information to help you find the location for the appropriate waste materials and the schedule for hazardous waste disposaIt is adding issues to the flooding conditions that we are trying hard to correct and manage.

Wood-Waste Recycling

Mid-Michigan Recycling (MMR) is government regulated and permitted to recycle wood waste materials.

Livonia Yard
32700 Glendale Ave.
Livonia, MI 48150

Latex Paint

Please properly dispose of latex paint. Pouring paint on the ground or down the storm drains where it travels directly to surface and/or groundwater is illegal.
Latex paint is not considered hazardous. Remove the lid and allow the liquid to air dry or use a drying agent such as kitty litter. Once the paint is dry, place it in a regular trash bag and put it out for trash collection.
Recycle Oil Based Paints
Oil-based paints are considered a household hazardous waste and should be
disposed through household hazardous waste collection events.
You can solidify oil-based paints by allowing their contents to evaporate in a well-ventilated area. Then, mix remaining liquids with absorbents and allow it to harden. Alternatively, apply leftover paint to scrap lumber or cardboard. Then place these scraps with your regular trash.

Household Hazardous Waste 

Novi residents and residents of the RRRASOC member communities can attend any RRRASOC Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) events. These events provide residents with an opportunity to safely discard or recycle hazardous items.
  • All HHW events are on Saturdays.
  • Electronic waste is also accepted by RRRASOC residents at all HHW events.
  • The mobile paper shredder is onsite at HHW events. Residents may bring
  •  up to 3 boxes or 100 pounds of paper for shredding to HHW events only.

2019 Household Hazardous Waste Events

October 5, 2019 - Novi
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Novi Event Location TBD
October 26, 2019 - Southfield   
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
RRRASOC Materials Recovery Facility - Truck Entrance
20875 Mapleridge Avenue, Southfield
October 26, 2019 - Southfield 
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
RRRASOC Materials Recovery Facility - Truck Entrance
20875 Mapleridge Avenue, Southfield

Residents that cannot attend the listed events contact RRRASOC or Environmental Recycling Group at 734-437-9650 to make an appointment to take the material to ERG's facility in Livonia (Merriman near I-96) at their convenience.

RRRASOC Southfield Drop-Off Site
The Southfield Recycling Drop-Off Site is located in the parking lot of the RRRASOC
Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at 20000 W. Eight Mile Road at the northeast corner  
of Evergreen and Eight Mile roads.  The site is available for use seven days per week,
during daylight hours. Materials accepted at both the Southfield and Novi drop-off sites  
are the same as what is accepted for curbside recycling. The Southfield site does NOT  
accept Styrofoam or electronics

Other Notices
No Motor Vehicles allowed in the Commons  
You must get the board's approval if there is special circumstances that need to be addressed.
Please make sure you are cleaning up after your pets.  Also, pets need to be on a leash when walking through the commons areas.

Fireworks are not allowed in Commons or Subdivision Streets
Please limit Firework activity to your own backyard.


Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.