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"Sounds Like You h ave a Great Company.  Now if Only I Could Understand What You Do."

Comedian Lily Tomlin has a great line:  "I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific."

Businesses have a similar problem - describing themselves in terms that are too general to be memorable and effective. "We create custom software." "We're a health and wellness company." "We're financial experts."  Unfortunately, these kinds of descriptions are not compelling. Companies that don't stand out rarely beat the competition. 
businessman_painting.jpg Here's the cure: As part of your PR strategy, create a compelling company description paragraph and a few messages that reveal not just what you are but -- much more important -- what you do to help your clients succeed. Focus on BENEFITS. 

In the examples above, you'd be more likely to hire companies that describe themselves this way:  "We are a technology company that helps organizations save 25% in design and manufacturing costs." "We help busy individuals and families lead healthier and more energetic lives through common-sense exercise and nutrition." "We show people how to save for their future while enjoying the present."    

Create 5-6 specific messages that support your overall description. Put those messages into all of your communications (marketing and hands_teamwork_puzzle.jpgpress materials, website, presentations, paid ads, sales kit, elevator speech and even your on-hold phone greeting). 

Whether you have four employees or 40,000, the ability of every member of your team to speak in a unified voice, using the right messages, is a very powerful, competitive tool.  
For guide to building effective organizational messages, please see the article on the RDC Communication  website.  

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