Our Friday Find this week highlights an amazing organization that helps support young girls' dreams- no matter the size! Since UChic  was founded in 2008, by dreamer Christie Garton , UChic has helped financially fund dream projects by teenage and college girls. In order to become a UChic Dreamer, you need to apply online with a description of your dream project and how the funding will allow you to make it a reality. In addition to providing funds to these girls, the UChic organization is working hard to motivate and guide future female entrepreneurs by providing useful books and other resources. As a staffing firm, we strive to inspire people every day, and it is clear that Christie does the same! Let Christie help you chase your dreams through college (we'll be here for you after graduation!)

UChic has helped hundreds of girls chase their dreams, whether you want to start a singing career, help people in need, or take on an internship out of state. Christie understands how financial restraints can hinder someones dream, and she wants to do her part to prevent that from happening! Christie leads by example, she is a great networker and even approached us about being featured in order to reach more young women. Christie is going above and beyond to keep her dream alive. Do you have a dream that you need help with? Apply above!

Fashion with a purpose!!
With every UChic purchase from their site, the money is used to fund dreams for young girls. Christie has written multiple books that focus on guiding young girls throughout their pre and post-college career. Her latest book,  UChic: College Girls' Real Advice for Your First Year (and Beyond!), just launched April 1st! Check out UChic's site (link above) to help them reach their goal of funding 1000 DREAMS by purchasing some awesome UChic products! This is the perfect gift for Mother's Day or graduation, with an underlying cause that both you and the recipient will feel great about. 

One of the many girls UChic has funded, holding the amazing new tablet and laptop tech cases! How cute are they?!

We are SO excited to share our interview with the founder of UChic, 
Christie Garton!

1. Where did the concept of UChic originate from?

As the creator of the best-selling guidebook to college for girls since its 1st Edition in 2009  (our 4th Edition is coming out this spring), we worked with hundreds of girls over the years and kept hearing the same problem - they lack easy access to funding for life-changing experiences and opportunities. And it's no surprise. With college tuition soaring, girls today are cash-strapped for out-of-classroom experiences and educational expenses that can unlock the path to one's dream. To get a better understanding of the program, we actually conducted a survey with over 300 teen and college-aged women and found that a shocking 95 percent of young women lack easy access to funding to pursue their dreams in full - whether it's taking an out-of-state internship, buying plane tickets to study abroad or attend an out-of-state conference, buying expensive textbooks or critical course equipment (e.g. high quality camera for a photo journalism course) or anything in between.

My goal in launching UChic, as an even larger lifestyle brand offering for teen girls, was to focus solely on the goal of breaking down barriers between young women and their dreams at a critical lifestage, through access to funding, life-changing advice and support.



2.  How can you apply to help fund a young girl's dream/ make your own dream a reality?

Any young woman with a big dream but who lacks the funds to do something that would be an important early step towards getting to her big dream can apply for funding through our 1,000 Dream Fund. She must be in high school or college in order to be eligible to apply. All details, including a link to our scholarship application can be found here: uchic.com/1000-dreams


3. What has been UChic's biggest "Dream Big" moment thus far?

This year and beyond, we're on a mission to empower - and fund - 1,000 young women through our recently-launched 1000 Dreams Scholarship Fund because we believe big expenses should never stand in the way of big dreams. 



4. What are your future goals for UChic?

I'd love to see us reach our goal of funding 1,000 real young women so we can then set our next big goal. To get there, we are going to need to continue to grow the brand offering beyond our book and tech case. With the team we have in place, I know that we can do it!


5. What advice would you give to UChic followers, and young girls in general, who want to "dream big"?

Every big dreamer needs to have a plan for success. That is non-negotiable. But I think there is one thing that is possibly even more important - a team of people who support you no matter what and who only want the best for you. Every Batman needs a Robin who completely has their back. They will be your rock when the going gets rough - and it will at times - and when it's time to celebrate the wins.  




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