Community Connection            October 26 , 2015
The new shopping center across the street from Eagle Creek,
Tamiami Crossing, is starting to take shape with the exterior walls of the buildings dropped into the foundations.

The center will feature Marshalls, Ross, SteinMart, Michaels,
Ulta and PetSmart. Three of the four out parcels labeled B thru D
will face us across the street. Tenants will likely include
one or two national restaurant chains.
In spite of chasing down out-of-towners for car keys
and  Florida's notorious sudden downpours,
Condominium's A thru I are now sporting resealed parking lots.
In less than two weeks, all was completed including striping.
Slowly meandering across a condo parking lot recently
this gopher tortoise was nonetheless determined
to get where he or she was going.

These burrowing creatures dig for shade from the scorching sun and as an egg-laying nest. Ridges on their shell approximate
their age, this one being 20 years old. They can easily live to 70!

If you happen upon one of these remarkable tortoises
leave them alone. Too often, people mistakenly decide that they
belong in the water and return them to the nearest lake.
They drown because they are strictly land dwellers.
Only turtles and terrapins can swim.