May 17th, 2019
The high cost of ObamaCare continues to be a challenging issue. Recently the head of CMS asked states to step in with any ideas they might have to lower premium costs . While ObamaCare premiums have tripled the last few years, during that same time frame, the plans our agents offer have seen prices go down (and benefits go up) due to robust insurance company competition.  REGISTER HERE and  we’ll show you a simple, easy, and affordable way to solve the health care dilemma for your clients.
According to  AARP , cancer patients are 2 ½ times more likely to declare bankruptcy and those patients that go bankrupt are 80% more likely to die from their disease. Our agents know these scary facts and are proactive about addressing them as part of their health care planning. To find out more,   REGISTER HERE  for our upcoming training.
“Are Out-of-Network Benefits Soon to Become Obsolete?” is the title of a recent  report  from another insurance marketing organization. That may be their approach, but all of the products we offer provide both in and out of network benefits. Always have. Always will.   REGISTER HERE  for an upcoming training webinar to learn more.
Recently a  study  was conducted on High Deductible Health Plans. 62% of those polled described HDHP’s as ‘frustrating’, 52% of members described themselves as ‘confused’, and 23% of members described themselves as ‘angry’. While many ‘experts’ keep touting HDHPs as the solution to the health care dilemma, consumers are consistently against them. That’s why our clients are happy with the NO deductible health plans that we offer. Please  REGISTER HERE  to find out more about health plans that have no deductible.
 There has been a lot of talk in Washington about the issue of balance billing . This is the practice where insurance does not cover enough of the bill, and the member is therefore billed for the difference. That’s why we are launching a new product that guarantees there is no balance billing. If there is a balance after the insurance pays, the carrier covers the cost, not the member . Our agents already have a solution for their customers to this problem and are not waiting for any political solutions.  REGISTER HERE  to attend our upcoming webinar to learn more.
The Fast 5 on Friday is written each week by Andy Dastur, CLU, CFP, who has over 25 years of experience in the life, health, Medicare, and financial services industry. For more information, check him out on   LinkedIn .
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