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Happy June!  

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Calculating How Much Fence You Require

In order to provide a temporary fence rental quote, we simply need to know the linear footage (the length of fence you need), the duration of time you think you will need it for and the location where it is going. We'll also ask if you need a drop-off or if you would like to take advantage of our complete installation and dismantling service.
Not sure how much fencing you need? Here are some tips when estimating the amount of fencing you need for your project.

Determine where your fence needs to go and identify obstructions
Do you need fencing on four sides of a property or will existing structures make up some of the perimeter? Does your site have trees, a pond or other natural features that you need to plan around? Sloped terrain can also increase the amount of required fencing.
If your construction or event site requires fencing in multiple locations, making a chart can help keep you organized.
Linear footage
Type of fencing
North side
Chain link
20' gate required, site slopes down to East
South side
Chain link
Site slopes down to the East
East side
Fence to butt up to school wall
West side
Chain link
Divert around utility box
Perimeter is key
Knowing the square footage of your property may be handy, but the perimeter can vary greatly depending on the shape of your property. Consider this example:
Square footage
Shape of property
Amount of fencing required
50 feet x 
50 feet
50' + 50' + 50' + 50'
= 200 linear feet of fencing
Narrow rectangle
20 feet x 
125 feet
20' + 20' + 125' + 125'
= 290 linear feet of fencing
If your measurements aren't perfect, not to worry, our installers always bring along some extra fencing just in case. Regardless of if you need a little extra or a little less, you are always charged based on the linear footage actually used.
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Feature Video: 25 Years in 2019

25 years and thousands of fence projects later, Fast Fence has grown to be Southern Ontario's premiere temporary fencing solution.  With over 100 years of combined experience, our installers are skilled installing fence in almost any situation.

Super Fencer Scotty

Where does the time go?  This month, we are celebrating our skilled welder's 10th anniversary at Fast Fence!  We estimate Scotty has fixed over 5,000 panels in that time... that's a lot of welds!  Congratulations Scotty and thank you for all of your hard work.
Holiday Closure

We will be closed Monday, July 1st for the Canada Day Holiday.

In the event of an emergency, we are always available on our emergency line at (416) 569-4522.
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