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Happy November!  

As we come down from another Halloween candy high, we look forward to a busy month of construction projects and events, and an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning.  Don't forget to turn your clocks back this Saturday before you go to bed!

Fast Fence Inc.
Welded Wire Panels

Sturdy heavy-duty galvanized welded wire panels are an effective and secure barrier for a variety of applications. The welded rectangular mesh design makes climbing extremely difficult, while keeping the site visible - a deterrent to would-be trespassers. The use of sturdy steel ground stands and u-clamps easily accommodates changes in the surface or direction of the fence line.

Feature Video: Traffic Safety

Reflective traffic cones, delineator posts and retractable cone connectors are easily transported and easy to set up. Just drop the cone connector ring onto the top of the cones or delineator posts to create an inexpensive but highly visible barrier around hazardous or controlled areas.

Super Fencer Alex

This month we feature our newest driver/installers, Alex.  Alex has been with Fast Fence for a year and a half, and is always hard-working, friendly and courteous.

Thank you for all of your efforts Alex!
Fast Fence Inc. | 61 Melford Drive, Toronto M1B 2G6


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