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Happy April!  

Ahhh... April is finally here!  With April comes the promise of warmer temperatures, blooming gardens and of course, a revved up construction season!

This month we feature our high-quality fence screening, answer one of our most frequently asked questions about yard access and provide tips to prevent job site theft.

Fast Fence Inc.
Temporary Fence Spring Tune-Up

After a winter of snow, passing plows, ice and gusty winds, spring is the perfect time to inspect your fence to ensure it is secure and safe for vehicles and passersby.

SECURELY INSTALLED - Inspect the full length of your fence to  ensure ground stands are firmly set on the ground and u-clamps are still tightly in place.
FENCE LINE IS CLEAR - Accumulations of snow and ice and street sanding through the winter can result in a fence line covered in debris in spring. Ensure your fence line is clear of sand and trash which can present a tripping hazard to pedestrians.
SECURED FOR SCREENING - While polyethylene fence screening offers added site privacy, it can increase the likelihood of the fence toppling in high winds. If you have screening on your fence, it is extra-imperative to make sure your fence is standing securely.
INSPECTED REGULARLY - Regardless of the type of fence you use and what seasons you are using it in, it is important to inspect your fence regularly to ensure it is stable and safe.

View our Spring Tune-Up video:

Spring Tune-Up

FAQ - Can I pick up fence from your yard?

Please note ACCESS TO OUR YARD IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Due to material deliveries and other factors, there may be occasions when access is not possible. Please ensure you and/or your crew bring an appropriate vehicle. We are unable to load any vehicle or trailer which is unsuitable for safely transporting your fence. If in doubt, call us.

No suitable vehicle? No problem! Fast Fence specializes in full delivery, installation, dismantling and pick-up services.

Preventing Construction Site Theft 

The  Ontario Provincial Police  estimate that between $15 and $20 million worth of heavy construction equipment is stolen in the province each year.  Add to that the cost of looted materials and tools, damage to equipment and premises caused during thefts and the losses from business interruption, it is obvious that construction site theft is a serious and costly issue.

Because of the low recovery rates for material and equipment, a proactive theft prevention plan is imperative for every construction site, no matter the size of the project.  Often the aim isn't to make your job site as secure as Area 51, just more secure than the job site down the road.

Feature Video - Chain link and welded wire fence installation

Installing your own fence?  View our tips for installing Fast Fence chain link and welded wire panels.

Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos.
Office Hours

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm.  Our yard is open by appointment only and closes at 3 pm sharp.

In the event of an emergency, we are always available on our emergency line at (416) 569-4522.
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