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Happy February!  This is the time of year our team is busy sprucing up our panels  in anticipation of spring events and new construction projects.

If you are thinking of building your own inventory of fencing, now is the time to do it. With the possibility of a further sinking loonie, the price of materials is only going up.  Take advantage of our current pricing by buying now.   See what we have available .

Have a safe Family Day long weekend!

Fast Fence Inc.

Tips for a Safe Temporary Fence

The benefit of temporary fence is, well, its portable nature! It is easy to install and dismantle and can be easily picked up and moved to accommodate changes at your job or event site. But this temporary nature also means panels are not permanently affixed to the ground with bolts or concrete posts, and for this reason, there are specific safety considerations to keep in mind.
Fence Transfers

If you are changing contractors or moving to a new phase of construction, keep your site secured by transferring the rental to the new site owner. Once the original account is settled in full, we can transfer of rental responsibility from one company to another. A  Transfer Request form  must be completed by both the existing customer and the customer to which the rental is being transferred. The transfer will take effect once the form is completed and the existing account has been settled in full.

Super-Fencer of the Month

This month's Super-Fencer is our Operations Manager, Brent.

Q: How w ould you describe your job?
It is a mix of many things.  Depending on the day I could be on my computer or out on a construction or event site.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
I like that I am not doing the same thing all the time.  It helps keep the boredom away!

Q: What might someone be surprised to know about you?
When I graduated University, I spent over a year in South Korea, followed by four months in Nepal.  During that time, I spent my 25th birthday on a mountain peak that overlooked Mount Everest Base Camp.

Q: If you could choose a super-power, what would it be, and why?
To be able to fly, without the burden of a fuel bill.

Yard Hours

Our yard is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am for fence pick-ups and returns, and closes at 3:00 pm SHARP. Due to snow conditions and material deliveries, there may be occasions when access during this time is not possible. Please call the office at 416-751-7877 in advance so we can recommend the best window to arrive to avoid wait times.

Please ensure you and/or your crew bring an appropriate vehicle.  Flat-deck trailers are always the best choice as they make for quick loading and off-loading and reduced likelihood of panel damage.  Be sure to bring a trailer with a storage box for hardware.   We are unable to load any vehicle or trailer which is unsuitable for safely transporting your fence. If in doubt, call us!

No suitable vehicle? No problem! Fast Fence specializes in full delivery, installation, dismantling and pick-up services.

Holiday Closure

Please note we will be closed Monday, February 20th for the Family Day.  For emergency assistance, please call our  emergency line  at 416-569-4522.  Have a safe and enjoyable long weekend!

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