Impossible Possibilities
A Prayer for Today
Loving God,
  Let today be the day
  I turn to You in everything
  Before I get so involved
  In the call of the many
  I forget You are ready
  To Break open
  Every hard place
  Too heavy for me
  Alone to open.
O Love,
  Let today be the day
  I trust your love more
  Than fear’s persistent voice
  Closing me down before
  Your grace can lift me up.
O Love,
  Let today be the day
  I pause in praise 
  Of birdsong and sunrise
  And all things life
  In a world bent on hate
  And fear and death.

O Love,
  Let today be the day
  Your Word shapes
  My words in conversation
  And songs I don’t yet know
  But trust you will provide.
O Love,
  Let today be the day
  Something of this little life
  May bear something of You
  For the good of others
  Letting ego go to rest
  In its proper place .
O Love, 
  Let today be the day
  Courage grows in me
  Born of Your love 
  Drawing me out for work
  Always too large for me
  To do alone.
O Love, 
  Let today be the day
  I entrust the smallest things
  To your promised embrace
  Releasing also larger things
  I cannot carry on my own.
Yes, Love,
  Let today be the day
  Something beautiful blossoms
  In unexpected impossible places.

-DMLH, April 2022
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Ministry Alongside Veterans: What Faith Communities Can Do
Rev. Dr. John Schluep, Warriors’ Journey Home

I am routinely asked, “What can churches do to welcome a veteran home, and not become overly nationalistic?” Veterans will confess that, “Coming home has been the most difficult part of my deployment (service), I don’t fit in or belong anywhere.” After two decades of working with veterans, their family members, community organizations, and local congregations, I have several suggestions. Click on the link below to learn more!
Still looking for a summer mission opportunity?

We have added weeks to the schedule 
and need your hands in Dayton, OH!
Our collaboration in Dayton 
continues to evolve. 

In response to multiple inquiries about site availability through the summer, we have decided to extend the project site through the end of July.
Many have asked if there is a way in addition to our prayers that we may be of aid to those who are suffering in Ukraine. The answer to that question is “yes”! The Heartland Conference S.A.R.A. partnership will serve as a conduit for aid to partners in Ukraine who are suffering as a result of the war. Daily, our partners are bringing food and water relief to displaced Ukrainians in Transcarpathia. Those wishing to make a donation via this channel may do so by clicking below. Please know that your gifts of any size make a difference in this critical time.
The work continues! We deeply appreciate your generous donations and will continue to accept funds to help support the folks in Ukraine. 

To date we have received $75,085.09! 

Your generous donations have helped us provide the following:

  • Food for refugees, poor families, soup kitchens, overwhelmed hospitals, and orphanages.
  • Medications and medical supplies, ie glasses, walkers
  • Medical treatment 
  • Housing
  • Bedding
  • Gas for heating and for transportation