Soul Window - A Prayer
O Love,
  Open my soul window
  That Your light may soak
  My secret place of longing
  With rays of grace
  Drenching every dim place
  Of discouragement and fear.
Yes, Love, let me trust
  Your power to cleanse
  And draw forth the best
  Of what you planted 
  Long before I knew 
  To notice Your pulse
  Alive in the whole creation.
Grant me grace
  To trust Your providence
  Offering more in abundance
  Than I could ever imagine
  Yet already envisioned
  And revealed by You
  In every seed that falls 
  From one season to the next
  Readying for creation’s renewal 
Plentiful promises
  Too numerous to count
  Except by You
  For whom nothing is lost
  In Your grand motion
  Of Spirit-blown Love 
Opening every window
  Holding every heart
  For just the right time
  In Your timeless evolution
  Of perpetual cycles
  Of life and death, all a part
  Of Your eternal unfolding
  Cultivating out of chaoses 
  Small and large 
  Your resurrection renewal.
Yes, Love,
  Open my soul window
  To this light of You 
  And soak my soul anew
  In Your loving Spirit.

-DMLH, June 2021
Calling all Adult Women!

It has a been a hard year of separation. 
Now is the time to reconnect and take care of yourself! 
Do you need some time to connect with other women, relax and recoup, and commune with God? Join us for this nurturing women’s weekend July 15-18 at Templed Hills Camp.  Robin Stanley will be leading the faith formation and spiritual time and Brenda Horton, American Canoe Association river canoeing instructor, will be leading canoeing for those interested in a day or two of paddling on a nearby waterway.

If you are not into canoeing, you may plan your own adventure hiking at camp or the nearby Rails to Trails – B&O Trail, explore the shops of the nearby town of Bellville, or set up your own crafting table area in one of our nice air-conditioned lodges. Bring your own quilting, scrapbooking, stamping, needlework, or other crafting project for this last option. We ask that all women be 18 years or older and be fully vaccinated.

Please register by June 15th, so that we know we will have the minimum required for this opportunity.
Get ready for General Synod with conversations about this year's General Synod resolutions! Join Rev. Chad Abbott, Rev. Shana Johnson, and Rev. Dave Long-Higgins as they invite others to help "unpack" the resolutions coming before General Synod in July. 

These resolutions will offer a voice to the church as united in Christ we work towards a just world for all! 

Interested in being a visitor to this year's online Synod?
This year, with our updated "Why, Calling and Covenant" (read it here: and our new Conference logo, we'll look at the building blocks of our Conference's mission and explore the theme: Say "YES!"

In this year's Annual Gathering logo, we have pulled out all the component parts that make up our Conference logo design (the overlapping circle design) and will consider how they represent the work of our Conference, Associations, congregations and partners.

We'll meet September 24 & 25! Mark your calendars and be ready for more information, including registration links, to be shared in the near future.
There is still room to join the
Anti-Racism Network 2021 Summer Read!