The Rising Word
A Prayer
Loving God, 
  Quiet me enough
  For Your Word to rise
  Framing today’s words
  With grace and goodness
  So necessary for a world
  Uttering noises of heart
  Loud and long and too much
  Of dizzying detours of death.
Let there be honesty
  About my complicity
  Allowing such a world
  To grow in strength 
  Either by words ill-considered
  Or silences formed in fear
  Instead of trust in You
  To form a new creation 
  Out of every chaos
  Daring to sing death’s song.
Yes, Love, 
  Let every breath
  Preceding every word
  Be itself a readying grace
  Of trusted pause and praise
  Inspiring awe beyond words
  As You, O Word of Life,
  Press Yourself anew in me.

Shape me by this, 
  Too Holy to be named
  Yet evoking thanksgiving
  For every gift You offer
  In the smallest and simplest
  Expressions of You
  Already singing a birdsong
  Outside the window
  Of a house not of my making.

Let such savoring
  Saturate my soul anew 
  In quiet awe of You
  Bearing Your breath in me
  And every living being
  Blossoming a bold beauty
  Interrupting the world’s script
  Of spiritual smallness 
  On a shrinking stage.
Instead, expand my vocabulary
  Enlarging Your love
  In my heart for courage
  To speak words formed
  For Your work of fashioning
  A new creation of compassion
  Justice, hope, and joy.
Yes, quiet my heart
  Just enough for this
  Just enough for today
  Giving space for You
  O Word of Love, to rise.

-DMLH, April 2022
The Heartland Conference is delighted to offer scholarship support to emerging leaders who are seeking authorization for ministry in the United Church of Christ. Application for available scholarships are open! Apply by clicking on the image above.
Do you know some youth who are interested in summer camp and wonder what it is all about? Bring them to Explore Camp Day in May to “test it out” before summer camp.

Explore Camp Day, May 21, 10am to 3pm
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Come spend that day at camp exploring a taste of everything camp has to offer. We’ll have games, songs, hikes, crafts, worship, camp lunch, and more! This event is intended for children of all ages accompanied by a parent/guardian, or a local congregational leader following congregational supervision policies that minimally assure that adults and minor children are never 1-1 unless they are parent/child.

Warriors’ Journey Home 
Listen – Speak – Heal

An Invitation to a Local Church 
Veteran Ministry
Healing the Invisible Wounds of War

Join the Zoom Call on
May 11th, at 7:00 pm
Is your congregation hearing a ‘call’ to serve the soul-wounded veterans of your community? Often the question is asked, “What can churches do to welcome a veteran home, and not become overly nationalistic?” Veterans will confess “Coming home has been the most difficult part of my deployment (service), I don’t fit in or belong anywhere.” There is a way churches can be faithfully responsive to these questions and engage a ministry of healing. 
You are invited to a First Conversation about Engaging a Ministry with Veterans on May 11, 2022, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm via zoom. You will be invited to learn about this specialized ministry and the possibilities of forming a conference-wide network connecting with others who feel a call to this ministry. This evening will be presented by The Rev. David Long-Higgins, Conference Minister of the Heartland Conference, and The Rev. Dr. John M. Schluep (Retired), Founder & CEO of Warriors’ Journey Home Ministry, Inc.   
The CGC Seminar for pastors and leaders offers an opportunity to explore faithful, practical, and tested ways to promote generosity in our congregations. Be sure to recruit at least a team of two for this program. Changing the culture of your congregation requires more than one dedicated leader.

The seminar meetings for the CGC will be held virtually on June 2, June 16, June 30, July 14, July 28, August 11 from 6:00pm - 7:30pm CENTRAL TIME. There will be readings, videos and reflections to complete in-between seminar meetings.

The general registration fee is $300 per team of two. The registration fee for members of the Heartland, Wisconsin, and Minnesota conferences is $100 per team of two. You are able to register an additional team member(s) for a fee.
Register By
May 11, 2022 11:59 PM CT
Mental Health Sunday is May 15, 2022!
Would you love to attend this year’s Festival of Homiletics (FoH)
being held in Denver but are unable to make that trip? 

We are excited to provide a local alternative at Camp Christian 
to participate virtually, but as a group in person through 
May 16th - May 20th.
2 Opportunities for Mission Work!
In partnership with the Ohio Disciples Region, the Heartland Conference of the United Church of Christ Disaster Relief Network, UCC Disaster Ministries, and DOC Week of Compassion, we are organizing volunteer teams of 4-10 people to finish interiors of new homes. Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older (mixed age groups must have 1 adult for every 4 volunteers under 18).
The Heartland Conference Disaster Ministries Team
is pleased to support the Indiana Kentucky Conference
in disaster response to western Kentucky, as they begin to offer
works camps in Mayfield, Kentucky in May. 

Weeks being offered at this time, are May 15-21, and May 22-28. Additional weeks will be added soon! Fees per volunteer are $25 per day/$125 per week, which includes dorm room and meals for the week.
Many have asked if there is a way in addition to our prayers that we may be of aid to those who are suffering in Ukraine. The answer to that question is “yes”! The Heartland Conference S.A.R.A. partnership will serve as a conduit for aid to partners in Ukraine who are suffering as a result of the war. Daily, our partners are bringing food and water relief to displaced Ukrainians in Transcarpathia. Those wishing to make a donation via this channel may do so by clicking below. Please know that your gifts of any size make a difference in this critical time.