Slowly Budding 

A Prayer for Winter's Wait

Loving God,

  Slow down my mind

  Giving space for my heart

  To be quickened by You

  For urgencies of love

  You will reveal today.


Let my plans be formed

  With a gentle grace

  Easily run over 

  By the move of the many

  Calling out my name

  Daring me to a divided heart

  A meandering mind

  And a dispirited soul.


Let every breath 

  Be the breath of life

  Awakening me to You

  Interrupting the sleep-walk

  Ego loves to encourage

  With distraction and fear.

Instead help me savor 

  The delight and joy of small

  Things revealing Your gifts

  At every turn of eye and heart

  Hinting at Your abundance

  And renewal even in winter

  Where your buds are readied

  For some grand surprise 

  To be revealed in Your time

  At just the right time.


In the meantime 

  Let me savor the process

  Not of completion 

  But of budding at work

  By some grace of you in me

  For blossoming beauty

  Benefitting the world

  Bit by bit in small ways

  Unseen except by You

  Yet bearing up joy in me.


Yes, Love,

  Gift me with this

  And let it be more 

  Than enough for today.

-January 2023, DMLH

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Confirmation Camp from Rev. Jonathan Bradner!

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2023 Faith Formation Conference Schedule

Appreciative Inquiry

Facilitated by Rev. Dave Long-Higgins

Wednesday, January 25, 6:30-8pm

Appreciative Inquiry is a process of discovery that invites us to look into what most gives life through asking the right questions.

Instead of, “What’s the problem?” it asks, “What’s the gift?” This process leads to positive change by providing a perspective that appreciates what is and evokes gratitude for whatever’s next.

It intentionally focuses on Defining, Discovery, Destiny, Dreaming, and Designing with gratitude, faith and the Spirit’s guidance.

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PBUCC Offers a Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar! If you are an actively-contributing Pension Boards member, 45 years of age or older, we invite you to join a Pensions Boards Financial Wellness Seminar themed “Planning for the Transition to Retirement. 


Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2023 

Time: 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on EST 


Whether you are planning to retire soon or are in the middle of your career, clergy or lay, this seminar is designed to help you transition to retirement.

Register Here for the Pre-Retirement Seminar by January 24, 2022

Jan. 25th – 7:30 - 8:30 pm

 3 Best Practices: 

Set a New Year's Resolution 

for Increasing Giving

Lee Gagen will discuss the three practices most likely to increase giving in a local congregation: teaching about generosity, pastoral leadership, and online giving options. The webinar will examine why these practices matter and discuss how to implement them in a congregation.

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Resources Now Online for UCC Health and Human Service Sunday Resources, Jan. 30, 2023

Click Here for Health and Human Service Sunday Resources

The UCC Council for Health and Human Service Ministries recently released resources for Health and Human Service Sunday, which takes place Jan. 30, the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.

The resources include liturgical elements and prayers written by the Rev. Dr. Elyse Berry, CHHSM’s associate for advocacy and leadership development, along with suggested readings for the day, and a graphic suitable for placing in church bulletins.

Wisdom Conversation 2023

Boost the VITALITY of your church with Ministries for Older Adults! Pastors, educators, volunteers, and all who work with and among older adults are invited to attend this Zoom Meeting where you’ll learn strategies for building community, integrating older adult ministries with other church ministries, as well as developing leadership and service opportunities.

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Date: Wednesday, February 1st @ 3pm

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Cost: Free

Ever wondered what you and your church could do to help prevent overdose deaths in your community? For years Ohio has consistently had one of the highest overdose death rates in the country. Last year we lost over 5,200 loved ones in Ohio to overdose. As people of faith we know that it doesn't have to be this way, but many of us are unsure of where to start in order to create the change we need. 

Join Minister Blyth Barnow for a one hour gathering to explore these questions and discuss possibilities for individuals and churches during the Lenten season. Come learn about the new Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention Curriculum developed by the Heartland Conference HROP Network!

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