O Snap! 

A Prayer of Confession

Loving God,


O snap!

 Said too much.

O snap!

 Said too little.

O snap!

 Got distracted

O snap!

 Ate too much.

O snap!

 Too little sleep.

O snap!

 Unexpected turn.

O snap!

 Cut off.

O snap!

 Worry day.

O snap!

 Plans changed.

O snap!

 Tired of waiting.

O snap!

 Weary of winter

O snap!

 Lost my voice.

O snap!

 Came undone.


O Love, 

 Restring my life

 For some new song

 Tuned with grace by You.


(And if you can,

 Make it just a little bit Snappy! )


Thanks for listening.


-January 2023, DMLH

2023 Faith Formation Conference Schedule

Thursday, January 19th

7:30 pm

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Jan. 25th – 7:30 - 8:30 pm

 3 Best Practices: 

Set a New Year's Resolution 

for Increasing Giving

Lee Gagen will discuss the three practices most likely to increase giving in a local congregation: teaching about generosity, pastoral leadership, and online giving options. The webinar will examine why these practices matter and discuss how to implement them in a congregation.

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Appreciative Inquiry

Facilitated by Rev. Dave Long-Higgins

Wednesday, January 25, 6:30-8pm

Appreciative Inquiry is a process of discovery that invites us to look into what most gives life through asking the right questions.

Instead of, “What’s the problem?” it asks, “What’s the gift?” This process leads to positive change by providing a perspective that appreciates what is and evokes gratitude for whatever’s next.

It intentionally focuses on Defining, Discovery, Destiny, Dreaming, and Designing with gratitude, faith and the Spirit’s guidance.

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Wisdom Conversation 2023

Boost the VITALITY of your church with Ministries for Older Adults! Pastors, educators, volunteers, and all who work with and among older adults are invited to attend this Zoom Meeting where you’ll learn strategies for building community, integrating older adult ministries with other church ministries, as well as developing leadership and service opportunities.

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