A Prayer for Holy Week...
O Love,
 Grant grace for this week
 Of walking the holy way
 Of remembrance and risk
 Of riot and resurrection.
Form the heart and mind
 Of Christ in me 
 In daring commitment 
 To your will and way of love
 No matter the twists and turns
 Of roads trod or voices encountered.
Let no resistance 
 To Your love within or beyond
 Be greater than the grace 
 And strength of Christ 
 Whose Jerusalem journey
 Already reveals Your power
 In what the world calls weakness.
Especially grant me strength
 When temptations to run away
 From Your demands of love
 Call me to release my present
 And future into Your loving embrace
 Not knowing where the road 
 Of your renewal may lead.
Yes, Love, 
 Let me die to all the detours
 Of my own design and distraction
 Trusting You will hold me 
 In life and death 
 And life beyond death
 No matter the pressure 
 Or pain of the present moment.
At the last, O Love,
 Interrupt again the inertia 
 Of a world gone mad
 With vitriol and violence
 Forming Your Holy renewal
 With resurrection surprises
 Too frequent to deny
 And too beautiful to ignore.
Yes, Love,
 By this week,
 In this week,
 For this week,
 Write my story again
 Into Your Holy story
 And let it be more than enough.

-DMLH, March 2021
Summer is Coming!

Join us for Spring Cleaning at Templed Hills Camp! 

We have two work days planned April 10th and May 8th. Please register through our events calendar. We also invite groups to schedule their own day to come out at do a project. There is lots to do! Contact Jill Frey at jill@heartlanducc.org or 740-901-0734 to discuss the projects available and to set a date.
Include our Summer Camp Video in your upcoming
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Want more info about summer camp? Sign up for a virtual information session March 22, 27, or April 17. Click the link below for more summer camp information and to register.
Summer Paid Staff needed! Cook, Health Supervisor, Lifeguard, Program Specialist, general camp assistants. Contact Jill Frey for application and more information jill@heartlanducc.org or 740-901-0734.
Celebrate the second Sunday of Easter with the gift of worship from the wider UCC. A complete worship service and/or component parts will be available soon. Stay tuned for further details...