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NEW  Fast Hi-Res HIC 30 µm Purification Media

Hydrophobicity Order of Three HIC 30 µm Phases: 

Polar MC-HIC Ether < Polar MC-HIC Butyl < Generik MC-HIC Butyl

  • Generik MC-HIC and Polar MC-HIC 30µm resins provide high recovery and resolution purification for mAb, ADC, Proteins, Oligo, and various biomolecules. 
  • Both HIC resins are recommended for mAb aggregate, monomer and fragment separation. Generik MC-HIC Butyl is suitable for the aggregates isolation and removal of the selected mAb shown below, which has been confirmed by size exclusion chromatography. 
  • The HIC resins can tolerate high-pressure, up to 100 bars, resulting in higher flow rate and shorter run time without compromising separation resolution.
  • All three phases are applicable for different stages of purification, from laboratory discovery, pilot-scale purification to industrial process chromatography.
  • A three phase screening kit is available for the purification of biomolecules with different hydrophobicity. All are available in loose resin as well as prepacked plastic cartridge, stainless steel and glass columns.
Download the Product Brochure: Generik MC-HIC & Polar MC-HIC

Before HIC Purification

Semi-purified mAb Analysis on Zenix SEC

HIC Purification

mAb Purification on Generic MC-HIC Butyl

Post HIC Purification - SEC Confirmation

Absence of Aggregates 

Fraction F3-F5 Analysis on Zenix SEC-300

Post HIC Purification - SEC Confirmation

Presence of Aggregates

Fraction F7-F8 Analysis on Zenix SEC-300

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