January 5, 2021
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Avalon Aviary, LLC - Loveland, CO
Birdlady’s Babes – Atascadero, CA
Bonka Bird Toys - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Kiko’s Toy Chest – Tacoma, WA
Oh My Bird.com – Jupiter, FL
Pandemonium Rainforest Project – Deep River, CT
Parrot Pockets – Auburn, WA
Parrot Stars – Arlington Heights, IL
Parrots Naturally – Woodland Hills, CA
Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital - Maple Valley, WA
Quakers Only – Coquille, OR
Rain Forest Exotics Inc. – Conroe, TX
Sugarcreek Bird Farm Inc – Bellbrook, OH
TC Feathers Aviary LLC – Chantilly, VA
The Everything Bird Store - St. Petersburg, FL
The Parrot University – Reynoldsburg, OH
TX Parrots, LLC – Hidalgo, TX
Whidbey Birds – Coupeville, WA
Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium – Litchfield Park, AZ
Wings Wags & Whiskers – Amarillo, TX
Upcoming Events:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are no scheduled events at this time
Birds Wanted:
Birds Wanted
Female, Tame, Pet quality Macaw:
Looking for Hyacinth, Scarlet and/or

Please contact 401-644-2468
Birds Wanted
Need a female Australian Black Swan.
Reasonable price -To go with male.
USDA Licensed
Linda 513-471-2031 or Bob 513-313-2470
Birds Wanted
Tame or handfeeding, Male Alexandrian Parrot
Tame or handfeeding,
Violet Male and or female Indian Ringneck 
Bird Wanted

a male peach fronted conure for breeding
Call or text 260-226-5445

In Memory of

In March 2020, Georgia Fletcher lost her battle with cancer and aviculture lost an advocate for birds everywhere. To honor her, the Quaker Parakeet Society has started a scholarship fund to be awarded to a veterinary student at the University of Illinois who wants to specialize in avian medicine. The scholarship should be awarded in January 2021. If anyone is interested in contributing to the fund, please contact Dr. Patricia Anderson or Janice Lang, at qpsociety@hotmail.com
Limited Edition
Citron-crested Cockatoo
Cites Pin

Now available while supplies last

Just $8.99 in the AFA Store
American Federation of Aviculture
v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

As of May 26, 2020, the Golden Conure has been down listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. As of May 26, 2020, the Golden conure will be listed as “threatened” and the USFWS has determined that, in order to enhance the conservation of the species, they will be evoking the 4(d) Rule essentially suspending the requirement for federal permits to sell the species across State lines.
Birds Wanted
Double Yellow Head female
Lilac crown mate (current DNA pending)
Blue Front male
White bellied caique female
Unweaned caiques and Rose breasted cockatoos
Kakarikis, red fronts

Double Yellow Head Amazon elderly male, possibly magna. $500

Karen Batt
Birds Wanted
to TRADE “Young” (1for1):
CAIQUES: Lime-thigh or Green-thigh, White-bellied, Black-headed.
Caiques – Lime-thigh, White-belly & Black-head – Young for TRADE ONLY.
(I have BOTH Sexes of ALL Types of Caiques Available for TRADE.)
Poicephalus rufiventris – African Red-bellied Parrot – Young for TRADE ONLY. (My Males for Your Females)
SORRY No Sales. One-For-One TRADES Only.

to Purchase MATURE ASAP:
Yellow Nape - Female
Black-head Caique - Male
White-bellied Caique – Male
Meyers Parrot – Male

to Purchase UNRELATED Pairs of Any Age:
Poicephalus meyersi – Meyers Parrots - PAIRS
Yellow Nape Amazons – PAIRS
African Grey's - YOUNG Bonded Pairs or Unrelated Offspring. (NO Pets or Proven…)

RARE Caiques and Poicephalus:
Caiques: Pallid, Par Blue, Pied, Lutino etc.
Poicephalus: Poi. m. matscheii, Solid Yellow, Pied etc.
CAIQUE Breeding Program:
I am working to set up a Breeding Program Coop with other Lime-thigh / Green-thigh Breeders.
Please contact me if you have Breeding Pairs, even if you do not currently have GTC / LTC Offspring to Trade. Ty

Direct Flights ONLY to Austin, TX (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.)
Cliff Edwards Cliff@EdwardsEXOTICS.com
Birds Wanted
Black Headed and White Bellied Caique babies to be raised together, in flocks, to be paired. For purchase or trade from our own babies, for different bloodlines.

2 Young male, Orange Bellied
Senegals for breeding
Also baby senegals to be raised together
in flocks, as above.
Baby Poicephalus meyerii, to be raised
together in flocks, for pairing and breeding.

All birds to be raised on our farm with ours, to the highest standards of care and love.

Green-Thigh/Lime Thigh
Caique Breeding Program
Please contact me if you have breeding pairs, even if you do not currently have GTC/LTC offspring to trade.

Eddie Lindberg
Rocco Bella Farms,
Birds for Sale:
Eclectus Male Baby
currently on two feedings a day.
Susan van den Broek
email: susan.vdb@outlook.com
Aterrimus Palm
Cockatoo babies
 Babies sold weaned only
Gorgeous Black Beauties
Excellent quality from a reputable, 
experienced & AVY Award winning breeder
We sold out in previous years
Female palm baby not yet weaned - Precious, sweet and looking for her forever home.
Waiting list for males at this time.
Taking reservations for new hatches now.

Charming & Curious
Pet Quality or
Unrelated Future Breeding Pairs
Big macaw personality in a smaller package
Enticing/Competitive Pricing
for 2021 Hatches
Export Possible

Red Tails
Please email, text or call for
availability and pricing

Queen of Bavaria Conures
Pet Quality or
Unrelated Future Breeding Pairs
Just starting to breed now

Email, Text or Call
Terry Timberlake

Supplies /Other:
Got a Plucker? GET HELP!
Visit www.nattynewfeathers.com for refeathering aids, toys, treats and more for birds that pluck and birds who just wanna have fun.

" the greatest bird toys on earth.™"
Madeleine Franco
California Cage Macaw Size
Email, Text or Call
Terry Timberlake
Metal Nest Boxes:
Medium “APARTMENT” Boxes ONLY.
Bird Butlers – Water Bottles in Qty. (12” or 16” Tall.)
Edstrom 3/8” Brass Valves in QTY. (I have a Qty. of SS ½” Valves available to Trade or Sell in 50/100 Lots.)
Cliff Edwards Cliff@EdwardsEXOTICS.com