May 1st, 2021 Vending Technology News
For vending machines to become more effective, they have to function more like humans. Fastcorp DIVI vending machines has accomplished this goal with the articulated robot arm that each of their machines have. The robotic arm excels in picking the items that a vending customer wants including regulated items like beer, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, CBD and more, and effectively placing those items in the delivery bay. 

Full Range Of Motion
Unlike other traditional vending machines in the past, Fastcorp’s DIVI vending machine has a precision robotic arm that has a full range of motion, precision, and speed. The robotic arm eliminates errors and ensures that each delivery is made with precision. 

Easy To Use 
As technology advances, robotic technology is also becoming more efficient, DIVI’s robotic arm technology is a perfect example of this because it contains a smaller number of parts, gears, and motors, compared to the ‘old school’ robotic arm technology of traditional vending machines. 

By Julian Attree, CEO for Minus Forty 

What kind of technologies will give us an augmented micro market experience? The micro market industry is growing at a fast pace. Increasingly, we are seeing traditional closed vending expand its footprint into more semi-public or public venues. What is happening, is that we are experiencing older vending and micro market solutions that are typically being used in unattended markets with cameras and payment kiosks, morph into more public spaces and venues thanks to integrated and state-of-the-art technology systems. 

Every new technology we are seeing today in the vending and micro market space is about making the experience for the customer more intelligent. And it’s also about making the business itself more efficient, adaptable and profitable for the operator. 

Companies like Minus Forty and 365 Retail Markets have partnered and are experimenting with IoT refrigeration solutions that provide operators with an augmented and integrated micro market experience. Together, we have developed the PicoCooler and Breeze systems, both capable of allowing consumers to unlock a glass door merchandiser with their credit card and purchase product – making it a fluid and independent buying process. The micro market setting is becoming more intuitive and more diverse, which is key to a better customer experience and overall business growth. A recent survey conducted by USA Technologies (now Cantaloupe) indicates that cashless terminals analyzed saw a 51 percent growth in sales per self-serve kiosks, vending machines and cashier-less stores, with 61.7 percent total sales in July 2020 made with cashless payments. 

Did you know micro market owners may lose an average of 4% of their annual sales each year due to theft? This occurs because many micro markets have little to no security that can effectively monitor activity of the micro market, and give owners the ability to deal with theft effectively. With micro market theft detection by Panoptyc, operators now have a way to catch micro market thieves, and with the video proof, they can now prove the unwanted theft to the authorities. 

How Does It Work? 
Panoptyc's system is more than just a security camera that watches each transaction, it’s a comprehensive theft detection system that also contains software which highlights the most suspicious events that occurred at the micro market. 

This software saves owners the time and hassle of having to potentially watch hundreds of hours of video themselves. Owners can deal with theft at their micro markets immediately, and start taking steps to streamline efficiency at the micro market so theft stop occurring.

USConnect’s Loyalty Program Ties Into Cashless Payment Systems  
USConnect has an innovative rewards and promotional program which works in conjunction with cashless payment systems and can be used at all of an operator’s locations.

Called USConnectMe, the loyalty rewards program is easy to use and enables consumers to accumulate reward points on all of their purchases. Consumers will receive special offers and promotions on products sold in the micro market and can redeem and track points and promotions via email, mobile app or the loyalty website. USConnectMe is compatible with most payment platforms including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and most debit and credit cards.

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