April 1st, 2020
By Jeff Adair, Editor

In 2020, consumers rely on vending machines to buy more things than ever before and that means that modern vending machines have to keep up with the demand.  Fastcorp Vending, LLC   is one company which is exceeding the demands of today’s modern consumers with their modern machines.

Advanced Robotic Arm Technology 

What makes Fastcorp’s vending machines so unique is their use of DIVI technology, which features a Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA) that mimics the movements of the human arm for “pick and place” vending machine operations.

The SCARA robotic arm gives vending machines the ability to have a full range of motions and the precision to deliver anything that a consumer orders.

Besides having a highly effective robot arm, the DIVI technology comes with fewer motors and parts than other traditional vending machines. These machines have simple programming and a powerful vacuum arm that can pick up anything up to four pounds.

With over 50% of Americans over 18 drinking coffee daily ( www.statista.com ), coffee continues to be one of the most popular beverages in the United States.

The popularity of coffee has helped  Xpresso Delight's coffee machine become valuable in offices and businesses in the United States have people who enjoy coffee that could benefit from this service.

Coffee Shop Quality Machines

In 2020, coffee lovers have more options than ever before for enjoying their favorite beverage but most coffee makers often don’t make the same quality coffee that can be purchased from a coffee shop. 

With Xpresso Delight’s coffee as a service model, the coffee makers are made with state of the art technology and have a sleek design which fits perfectly in today’s modern office or business environments. 

A joint venture between Crane Payment Innovations and Crane Merchandising Systems is enabling vending and micro market operators to have all solutions they need under one roof.

The partnership, Crane Connectivity Solutions enables Crane to offer its customers the “best of both worlds” with a state-of-the-art technology platform which applies to industries besides vending. In turn, the company says its platform will reduce an operator’s IT costs by enabling connectivity. The end result, Crane says, will increase the profitability of a vending operator’s business and help it grow.

About Crane Connectivity

As of 2020, Crane Connectivity manages over one million vending machines and 400,000 cashless payment systems worldwide and offers a wide variety of solutions which include card readers, interactive screens, telemetry, hosting and connectivity services, enterprise software and cloud reporting and payment solutions.

Beverage and Drink Vending Will Continue to Be Big Part of Global Vending Machine Growth

Following the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), vending machines have been declared an essential business that’s safe for consumers because they don’t require any person to person contact.  The global vending machine market was already predicted to grow by 9.4% by 2025, and the essential business declaration will only add to that growth.

Yes, vending machines are an ideal business in a world that’s been affected by coronavirus but they are also ideal for business owners because vending machines can run 24-7, don’t require manual interaction, and what’s best of all is that they can be placed almost anywhere.

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for vending machines to be placed in locations like office break rooms, public or commercial areas. 

Besides being able to be conveniently placed in most locations, vending machine also come with low labor costs since most modern vending machines can be connected to Wi-Fi and inform their owners of inventory, sales, and other data from the location where the vending machine is placed.

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