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IXA High-speed SCARA Robot
Fastest in the Industry!
1 . .. The high-speed  IXA SCARA Robot’s arch motion smoothly blends both horizontal and vertical motion to accomplish continuous high-speed cycle times. 

2. .. The new SCARA robot is even more affordable than previous models. Plus, it offers even better performance and functionality.
3. .. Higher rigidity and optimized control means accurate positioning and significantly less vibrations while stopping.
4. .. Equipped with a battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard the IXA requires less maintenance.

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Smart Sensors from SICK
Suppliers of information for Industry 4.0
Smart Sensors generate and receive data and information which goes beyond traditional switching signals or measured process parameters.

Integrated IO-Link interface provides bidirectional data transfer between control unit and sensor in real time.

These smart sensors enable substantial increases in efficiency, more flexibility, and better planning security for predictive plant maintenance. SICK Smart Sensors can cover up to four dimensions of Smart Sensor technology.

Top sensor performance for stable processes

Highest availability levels thanks
to predictive maintenance

Flexibility and transparency at the lowest field level

Tailor-made information directly from the sensor
Upcoming Training & Events:

Mitsubishi GOT2000 & GTWorks3 Training
September 18-20, 2018
Norwood, MA

Cognex In-Sight Basic Training
October 2-3, 2018
Norwood, MA

Cognex In-Sight Advanced Training
October 4, 2018
Norwood, MA

Mitsubishi Robot Training
October 16-19, 2018
Norwood, MA

Mitsubishi GXWorks 2 Programming
October 23-25, 2018
Norwood, MA