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September 2017

Happy Autumn from my occasional newsletter!  The website has had an upgrade, check it out if you're interested.
Costa Brava Sights 2017

Fitness and Health
urban running
Live Longer With Exercise
1. Fasting. Silicon Valley takes the fasting up a notchBecause, of course it does. Fasting is considered a "biohack" or a way to prod your body to achieve certain goals.  Fasting is thought to be useful in life extension and maximal productivity.  We will let them experiment with it first. 
 In the last newsletter, we discussed "time restricted eating", a strategy that confers some of the benefits of fasting and allows for weight loss.  Please click through to see the list of advantages.  
2.Biohacking for longevity. 
Autophagy is the biochemical term for cells rejuvenating themselves by getting rid of redundant protein and other junk. It is a mechanism for self preservation and is important in longevity, brain health, immune function, and tumor prevention. It can be induced by exercise, relative fasting and low carb diets.  If you're interested in this kind of thing please click to read.  
Fun fact #1: Evolutionarily we stop eating when we're sick because it boosts our immune system!   
Fun fact #2: Coffee helps autophagy!  Caffeinated is better, but even decaffeinated works. 
Fun fact #3:  Acupuncture is one of the most elegant biohacks of all for long life and good looks! 
3. Supplements.  I've added curcumin to my daily routine of supplements.  (Word of warning:  I am only able to take one per day due to heart burn, so watch out for that!) Curcumin is not only good for joints, but is also good for brain health.  I have a formulation that ensures good bioavailability  have some in my office if you'd like to try it.    
4. Broccoli Sprouts.  Broccoli sprouts are easy to grow at home and a cheap and excellent source of sulpforaphane.  Sulforaphane is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer supplement  
5. Mediterranean Diet better than Statins for Longevity  
As patients know, I'm a bit wary of statins. They can be important, but also over-prescribed.  
Acupuncture in the News
Animal Acupuncture 
The UK has some of our best acupuncture news these days.
The BBC has a nice story on animal acupuncture with cute photos.
A follow up to the tortoise story from the last newsletter.  The tortoise that was hit by a car, cracked his shell and damaged his hind legs, received electroacupuncture to help him heal. He is now ready to be released into the wild. 
 The Guardian,  reports on the recent research that shows the brain activity demonstrating that acupuncture's effect is distinct from the placebo effect.  Ever more evidence!

Migraines, Headaches and Stress Levels
As many of my patients know, I use stress monitoring to help assess and guide treatment.  A recent study shows that headache sufferers do, indeed, have higher stress levels than healthy volunteers.  So my efforts to lower stress levels is not in vain!
Some encouraging HRV data from a new migraine patient follows.

And I can't resist adding this data from a patient who I've been treating this year for migraines who has responded brilliantly, with only very occasional migraines now.  Notice how the last two treatments have even better parasympathetic activity.  I used bilateral ear stimulation on him to encourage his vagal activity by stimulating the auricular branch of the vagus nerve.  Nice!

Case Studies with Data
Data Telling the Story and Improving Treatment
PMS: Case Study and Data
This study shows that patients suffering from premenstrual syndrome have lower vagal activity, or higher stress levels than volunteers.
This new patient has sought Acupuncture to help with PMS, we will see how she does!  This type of treatment usually takes a few cycles.
Bonus Photo from the San Francisco Public Library Photo Collection
Chinatown Pharmacy  1904

Hope to see you soon.  As always, more at the blog.  Live well and be well!

With warm greetings,   


Dr. Kristen Sparrow

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