Farmer Goes to Market: Reconnecting Nebraska's grocers and farmers
Now, high-fat is good for you | Should we increase SNAP during summer?
Which confusing food label matters? | The coming wheat shortage?
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Why the about-face on saturated fats?
All that low-fat dietary advice you've been delivering to shoppers? It's probably killing them, the inflammatory headlines told them last week. What's going on with the sudden turnabout on the risks of eating saturated fats?
What production label claim counts_
Which food-production labels really count?
It's a food-labeling jungle out there, and new research shows it's getting more confusing. Do consumers know what they really want?
Should we be funding summer SNAP increases_
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Should EBT replace school lunch during summer?
A lot of Nebraska kids may be coming back to school hungry this fall, as they don't have access to federal reduced-price and free lunch during the summer months. Should we be increasing food benefits to compensate? Here's the results one study found.
What shortage coming_
Will this wheat disease lead to a shortage?
USDA estimates that so far this year this wheat virus cost U.S. wheat farmers $76.8 million in direct losses. The epidemic was reported in up to almost nine in 10 fields in the Nebraska southern panhandle. Are we staring down the barrel of a wheat shortage? 
Nebraska planting
Experience the rush of a farmer's day, as Nebraska's Buffet Farms mounts the huge task of planting its entire corn crop in a single, very long, day.   
Fair Food review
Loosen your belt and tighten up your gag reflex. It's time once again for the annual review of the best, the worst and the most disgusting of Nebraska's state fair foods.
Here's to bountiful harvests and bountiful lives
Kathy_s Commentary
I'm not sure where the summer went, but it sure went fast! Harvest has begun in both the gardens and the fields, bringing consumers healthy produce and commodities that will be processed into other staples. As we drive across Nebraska we'll find farm equipment travelling down the road, moving from one field to the next. Be sure to give them plenty of room as tractors and combines hug the side of the road. In addition to the harvest, fall brings Husker football, tailgates and celebrations. Here's to a a bountiful harvest, a winning football season and many celebrations with family and friends.
- Kathy Siefken, Executive Director

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