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This Week
Sunday, Oct. 9:

Father Ed Flanagan
goes to
Meher Baba
a remembrance

October-November Calendar
Sunday, Oct. 9:     Ed Flanagan Remembrance
Sunday, Oct. 16:   Meher Baba's New Life
Sunday, Oct. 23:   Songs of Devotion (Elaine Munson)
Oct. 29-30 & Nov. 5-6:   Stay With God (1958) --
a two-weekend intensive exploration of the book-length poem by Francis Brabazon, conducted by Ward Parks
Sunday, Nov. 13:   AMBCSC's Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Saturday, Oct. 15:     Tea & Talk with Bill & Diana Le Page
For more information, see Tea & Talk (Oct. 15)

Sunday, October 9
11:00 am - 11:30 am:  coffee / tea / fellowship
11:30 am - 1:00 pm :

Father Ed Flanagan
goes to
Meher Baba
a remembrance

Ed Flanagan, formerly a Catholic priest and a longtime devotee of Avatar Meher Baba, passed away September 25th, 2016.  Ed will be remembered and his life celebrated in a program at Meherabode this Sunday. Ed was part of our Meherabode community over a period of many years. Please join in prayers for the onward journey of this Baba-brother.

Drawn to theology and philosophy, Ed authored a scholarly book, Christ Come Again , exploring the life and mission of Meher Baba in detail, partly in the context of the Christian doctrine of the much-anticipated Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

We are fortunate to have Ed on videotape, as he was interviewed in 2008 on The Meher Baba Programa cable public access television show (Time Warner cable) here in Los Angeles. Fred Stankus was the TV host of that program, and is touched to have the privilege of being the host at  Sunday's memorial at Meherabode. Through that medium, we will able to listen to Ed telling the story of how he came to Baba, and to share his experience "wearing the cloth."

Please come and listen and share a celebration of "Father" Ed's life of devotion to the Avatar .

Jai Baba!

Ed Flanagan at Meherabode (2014)

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Mondays at 7 PM in South Bay (San Pedro)
Call Glenn and Payam Russ:  (310) 519-7776
  Santa BarbaraMonthly Meetings
Call Donnalyn Karpeles:  (805) 682-1877   

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