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Pests in June
June is typically when pest issues start to appear. Our gardens are planted and growing rapidly which makes them tasty targets for insects. 

Some of the best ways to reduce pest problems do not involve chemicals at all! Many insects start their life cycles on the weeds that grow up through and around our gardens. Keeping these weeds under control will greatly reduce insect populations. 

Using the proper fertilizer at the right time will minimize lush growth that can bring insect pests to your garden. Also, planting native plants when possible helps to reduce pest issues. 

If all else fails bring us a sample of what’s bugging you and we’ll help you find the least toxic solution to solve your pesty problems.  

Small Space & Container Gardening

Small on space but big on gardening? A lot can happen in a small space. With some creativity and the right varieties, a small space can offer a big yield.
How to Grow in Containers

Your container potting soil (media) is really important.A soil specific for containers will hold the right amount of water, nutrients, and air to ensure the healthiest possible plants.
Plan your container according to the mature size of plants you want to put in it. Even plants in containers need room to grow. Overcrowding can cause water stress, reduce airflow, and increase competition for light and nutrients. Want to use a really big container but don't want to use tons of soil? 12"-18" is plenty deep for most plants. You can turn over a plastic or clay pot in the bottom to displace some of the soil or reuse Styrofoam packing peanuts to take up space. You'll save on potting soil and water, and your container will weigh less, too.
Water and Fertilizer
Keep in mind, containers that are really full, very small, or in sunny and windy places will need water more often. Watering in the morning to prevent stress is best.Container plants need regular feeding. If your potting soil doesn't contain fertilizer, add a slow-release fertilizer, or regularly feed with a water-soluble fertilizer.
Great container varieties
Don't rule out crops you thought were too big for containers. Choose compact varieties.
The same goes for root crops like beets and carrots. Use a deeper pot for these delicious roots and choose a small variety like Tonda di Parigi carrots, or harvest beets at a smaller stage.
Plant of the Month
By Dan Ziomek

For me, June is when our fantastic roses look their best. David Austin, Knockout and the numerous varieties we carry all give us a great show. Two roses in particular have caught my eye recently. They are called ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Miracle on the Hudson’. ‘Top Gun’ is a red shrub rose that is the very first rose that is resistant to Rose Rosette disease. It is a rounded, bushy plant with profuse semi-double moderately fragrant flowers all summer long. ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ is also a red shrub rose. Its claim to fame is its profuse blooming and extreme disease resistance. After one season of trialing this plant in my garden, I would go so far as to say it’s better than any of the Knockout Roses. It blooms more, the foliage is cleaner and nicer and the plant itself is thicker and fuller than a Knockout. Check these 2 varieties out along with all of our other gorgeous rose varieties.  
Two garden tours happening in your area.
Northampton on June 9th & Amherst on June 30th!
June is the Month To :
  • Apply mulch to prevent moisture loss in landscapes.
  • Dig and divide crowded spring bulbs. Replant immediately or store until fall.
  • Place straw around strawberry plants to keep fruit off of wet soil.
  • Apply Merit to control grubs in your lawn.
  • You can still start from seed: Beans, Beets, Carrots, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Radish, Summer Squash, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower.

Message from Tom and Janine
Wow! What a month we just had. If you were here, once, twice or even more, you know what a wild, crazy May it was. We did our best to keep everything running smoothly and thanks to you all for your patience. We are starting to catch our breath here and when you stop in you will see that we are still well stocked with beautiful plants and it is still a great time to keep planting. We have a little more time for advice and like to hear what's happening in your yards and gardens. Don't forget to take advantage of the local garden tours happening this month for inspiration. We have tickets here at the store. Looking forward to a great June and keep stopping in.

Tom & Janine Giles
& the staff of the Hadley Garden Center
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