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Reef Safe Swallowtail Angels
...Genicanthus sp angels are planktivores and are considered the only Reef Safe Angels!
Goby, Purple Firefish     Jawfish, Yellowhead     
       Dragon Face Pipefish  
  Red Scooter     
     Goby, Yellow Watchman  
Tangs, Naso Blonde Streamer        

Orange Diamond Watchman     Powder Brown Tang  
  Yellow Eye Kole  
       Six Line Wrasse  
Orange Spot Blenny          


Great selection of 
healthy fish
 and inverts!


Angels: Lamarck Female


Angels: Coral Beauty


Angels: Swallowtail Zebra Male


Angels: Swallowtail Zebra Female


Anthias MAC Certified: Lyretail Orange Female :: Fiji


Basslets Aqua Cultured: Assessor, Yellow


Blennies: Algae


Blennies: Bicolor


Blennies: Barnacle


Blennies: Spotted, Orange


Blennies: Midas


Blennies: Black & Yellow


Blennies: Black Sailfin


Blennies MAC Certified: Starry (Small)


Blennies MAC Certified: Starry (Medium)


Starry Blenny 


Blennies: Tailspot


Cardinals: Orange Lined :: Central Pacific


Cardinals: Pajama


Cardinals: Banggai


  Clownfish: Black Clarkii Clowns, Aquacultured


Chromis: Blue Green :: Africa / Red Sea


Chromis: Blue Reef :: Central Pacific


Dragonets MAC Certified: Mandarin Green


Dragonets: Scooter


Gobies: Clown Lemon


Gobies: Orange Spotted


Gobies: Diagonal Bar Prawn


Gobies: Engineer


Gobies: Purple Firefish


Gobies: Red Firefish


Gobies: Pinkbar 




Gobies: Watchman Wheeler's


Gobies: Watchman Yellow


Gobies: Tangaroa


Gobies: Cave Transparent


Gobies: Jawfish Yellowhead


Gobies: Jawfish Pastel


Gobies: Jawfish Black Cap


Gobies: Bondable Nocturnus




Gobies: Watchman Diamond


Gobies: Sleeper Blue Dot


Gobies MAC Certified: Sphynx Sand-Sifting :: Fiji


Gobies: Yashia 


Hawks: Flame Armatus :: Central Pacific


Hawks: Spotted


Hogs: Coral


Pipefish: Dragonface


Rabbitfish: Foxface, One Spot


  Tangs: Powder Blue


Tangs: Yellow Eye Kole
Tangs: Naso
Tangs: Blonde Naso
Tangs: Blue Hippo
Blue Hippo Tang 
Tangs: Desjardinii Sailfin
Tangs: Yellow
Wrasses: Harlequin Australia

Wrasses: Multicolor, Lubbocki


Wrasses: Ruby Head / Solorensis Female


Wrasses: Yellow Flanked Fairy


Wrasses: Yellow Fin Fairy




Wrasses: McCosker's Flasher Male


Wrasses: Common Cleaner


Wrasses: Paddlefin




Wrasses: Rock Mexican Rainbow



 Wrasses MAC Certified: Six Line :: Fiji 






Anemones: Long Tentacle, Purple


Anemones: Long Tentacle, Purple (Select)


Crabs: Emerald


Crabs: Anemone


Crabs: Pom Pom


Crabs, Hermit: Blue Knuckle


Crabs, Hermit: Reef Neon Orange Knuckle




Crabs, Hermit: Halloween Orange Band


Crabs, Hermit: Red Tip


Crabs, Hermit: Mexican Red Legs


Crabs: Scarlet


Crabs: Sexy




Shell, Snails: Nassarius :: Central Pacific


Shell, Snails: Nerite


Shell, Snails: Spiral Top, Blk & White


Trochus Snails 


Shell, Snails: Turbo


Shrimps: Cleaner/Skunk


Shrimps: Blood/Fire


Shrimps: Tiger Pistol


Shrimps: Peppermint

Dwarf Pink Featherduster
Dwarf Yellow Featherduster
And LOTS more!!!


Supplementing to a measured uptake


"Red Seas' Coral Color supplements have been formulated such that the ratio of the elements in each supplement is the same as that found in the skeleton and soft tissue of corals.


Our research has identified a constant ratio between each of the Coral Colors and the overall consumption of calcium, which is proportional to coral growth and metabolic activity. This provides an easy and safe method of dosing all Coral Colors Supplements based on a measured calcium uptake.


Coral Colors A, B and C each contain a leading element (iodine, potassium and iron) that is accurately measurable with Red Sea's unique Coral Colors Pro Test Kits. For more advanced LPS and SPS aquariums Coral Colors A, B and C can therefore be dosed precisely according to the total demand of the reef for these elements...."






Click here to read more! 



"Corals can't move towards food or even bring the food to themselves so they digeset any Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) that flows into their oral disc (about the size of a pin head) or gets absorbed through their soft tissue. On the reef, the DOM comes from a wide range of organic course such as the mucus from neighboring corals or bacterial flocks."

Smart ATO (Automatic Top Off) System Installation
Smart ATO (Automatic Top Off) System Installation
Red Sea MAX C-Series. The complete close top coral reef fully featured REEF-SPEC systems
Red Sea MAX C-Series. The complete close top coral reef fully featured REEF-SPEC systems

Help protect your fish and coral with 
Ecotech Marine's
Vortechs and Battery Backups! 


Aquavitro Product Descriptions


Nitrates and Phosphates an ongoing problem?


Talk to us about Brightwell's Xport Products.


We currently use these in our coral farm to allow heavy feeding


and in addition to the bioball system in our Universal Studios maintenance account.


We've got lots of inverts to help keep your tank clean and some that are just loads of fun!
Pompom crabs, sexy shrimp, cucumbers, 
porcelain crabs, peppermint shrimp, 
nassarius snails, and LOTS more!
Halloween Hermit Crab     Nassarius Snails        
Nerite Snail    Shrimp, Sexy 

     Conch, Fighter
Starfish, Blue Linckia
Emerald Crab    

Loads of coral in stock!
Combo rocks, LPS, SPS, Leathers, Palys, Zoas, Yumas, Rics and LOTS more!

Here are just a few highlights :)



When you visit Sea in the City, you'll notice 
our Quality Marine labels 
identifying the fish and inverts in our systems. 
This is how you know you'll be getting Quality Marine products.

On each QM label is a 'QR code', a techy, matrix looking box. 

All you have to do is scan that box with your Smartphone* and it takes you to the QM mobile site where you can learn 
key facts about the animal named on the label.

* A good QR scanner can be found here: http://redlaser.com/
or in your phone's app download section!

 You'll be able to identify an animal, see if that animal is suitable for your aquarium, what foods it needs, what country it came from,
and when it arrived at and departed from Quality Marine.

What's more, you can learn all about Quality Marine, the products they offer (if you don't see it in our store just ask! We get shipments from them every week!) and their commitment to sustainability. We hope this helps hobbyists and retailers alike become better and more informed aquarists.

In addition to having 3 degreed biologists on staff, this furthers Sea in the City's committment to quality fish and inverts while keeping an eye on purchasing and selling only those animals 
that can live comfortably outside their ocean environments.

Want to be sure you're getting 
Quality Marine Fish? 
Look for the label! 
Did you know that when you visit 
Sea in the City 
you can scan the QM labels 
located on the front of our systems 
with your smart phone?

It's super easy and you'll get 
additional info on our fish selections!

Just download a UPC scanner and you're set!

Why Quality Marine?
I made a commitment when I purchased SITC 
to do my best to promote 
environmentally friendly practices 
in all areas of the business. 

In fact, that was the driving force 
behind the purchase.

I was sick of seeing fish and inverts that had 
relatively no chance of surviving in aquariums
 being taken from the ocean.

That was eight years ago and today I'm proud to say 
at SITC we still follow that same principal everyday.

We only buy from
environmentally friendly fish wholesalers 
and only bring in animals that can be 
successfully maintained in captivity! 

For eight years we've been purchasing 
fish, coral and inverts every week from 
Quality Marine. 

Not only do we feel good about Quality's ethics,
but eight years of loyalty and commitment on our part earns us top picks, personal service,
"super males" and amazing colors!

Regularly Stocked Inverts: 


 Cerith Snails

Cerithium spp 


Tonga Nassarius Snails

 Nassarius Distortus


Nerite Snails

Nerita spp  

Emerald Crabs (MALES)

  Mithrax sculptus  


Porcelain Crabs

Porcellana sayana

Scarlett Reef Hermits

Paguris cadenati

Peppermint Shrimp

Lysmata wurdemanni  


Caribbean Feather Duster 

Sabellastarte sp


Sand sifting Cucumber

Holothuria floridana


Cheatomorpha Algae

Cheatomorpha sp

Every tank is PACKED with 
gorgeous coral!


Bubble Gum Monster Chalice


Green Encrusting Goniaporas


Pink Eye Favia Frags (Aquacultured) 


Ultra Platygyra Maze Brain  


Green and White Alveopora


Ultra Zoa Frags


Green Striped Mushrooms


Winter Green Alveopora


Orange Finger Clove Polyp


Neon Green Clove Polyp




Super Electric Green Aussie Cyphastrea


Indo Branching Hammer





Green and White Alveopora


 Multi-color Yumas and Ricordeas 

Green Torch Coral


Rainbow Aussie Lobophyllias


Eclipse Palys

Plus lots of other 
awesome corals in stock :) 

Innovative Marine Nuvo Aquariums 
16 gallon and 8 gallon tanks available. 
We sell at MAP pricing so we guarantee you 
the best price available :) 


More viewing, More power, More flow! 
Be the envy of all who see the new panoramic desktop aquarium 
that boasts 24" of viewing from end to end. 
The ideal choice for hobbyists with higher bioloads. 
Two overflow intakes, 
two 8 watt SkkyeLight LEDs 
and two return nozzles keep water clean and clear.

These elegant aquariums come complete with all the necessary filtration, lighting, and water flow required for a healthy ecosystem. 
Showcase your new living art on our custom acrylic pedestal 
to create a focal point wherever it's placed.


16 Gallon Capacity
6 mm Bent Glass
Tempered Glass Lid & Clips
Acrylic Pedestal
(2) 8 Watt SkkyeLight LED Illumination 
Discreet Power Cord Channel
Low Voltage Transformer
Independent Power Cords

Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Dual Overflows 
(2) Media Baskets
Mechanical Sponges
Activated Carbon Sponges
Phosphate Sponges
(2) Flare Nozzles
Designated Heater Column
Designated Refugium Column

Be ready to impress your friends & family with the luxurious cube that sets the new standard in styling for the most popular shape to date for nano aquariums. 
Designed for BIG visual impact for larger kitchen counters, executive desks, and night stands. 
These elegant aquariums come complete with all the necessary filtration, lighting, and water flow required for a healthy ecosystem. 
Showcase your new living art on our custom acrylic pedestal 
to create a focal point wherever it's placed.


8 Gallon Capacity 
6 mm Bent Glass 
Tempered Glass Lid & Clips 
Acrylic Pedestal

8 Watt SkkyeLight LED Illumination 
Discreet Power Cord Channel
Low Voltage Transformer
Independent Power Cords

Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Overflow 
Media Basket
Mechanical Sponge
Activated Carbon Sponge
Phosphate Sponge
Flare Nozzle
Designated Heater Column