Father’s Day is on its way, so surprise Dad with an easy dinner he doesn’t have to grill, with help from Boston Beef!
Some items sure to please Dad:
Marinated Sirloin Tips
Marinated Chicken Breast
Marinated Pork Tenderloin Tips
Marinated Turkey Tenderloin Tips
Seasoned Jumbo Chicken Wings
Italian Style Sausages
New York Sirloin Strip Steaks
Filet Mignon Steaks
Prime Rib Eye Steaks
Butcher's Sirloin: Great to grill, smoke or roast!
House Ground Beef Patties (5 or 6 oz)e
Don't forget about our amazing Grillable Appetizers, and our Fries & Pastas for side dishes to keep your dinner or cook out easy!
A Reminder to Our Amazing Customers:

As we come into the Spring and Summer season, we strongly recommend placing large orders ahead of time, even if it is not a holiday, to make sure we have what you need in stock

If there is 10 lbs or more of any item in an order, it is strongly suggested to order ahead!

We do try to have plenty of stock on hand, but sometimes we do still sell out.

THANK YOU for your continued support, we really appreciate ALL of you!
Our 4th of July Business Hours will be:
Mon. June 27 - CLOSED
Tues. June 28 - CLOSED
Wed. June 29 - 9am - 5pm
Thurs. June 30 - 9am - 4pm
Fri. July 1 - 9am - 4pm
Sat. July 2 - 9am - 12pm
Sun. July 3 - CLOSED

Please make sure to call in your orders for this week, as this is one of the craziest weeks of the Summer!
Please call Mike or Jenn to place your orders since we cannot take orders via online, email, or voicemail at this time.
Thank you!
Stay safe and healthy!
Mike & Jenn from Boston Beef