My father taught me to be passionate about the outdoors and to appreciate nature and all it has to offer. Now that I'm older and have nieces, nephews and grandkids of my own, I find myself teaching them same core values from my father. Time in the mountains hiking, hunting and filming or at a river rafting or lake fishing, enjoying a baseball game or picnic in the park, whatever it is, the outdoors gives a sense of peace, a place to clear the mind. The outdoors is an amazing place has something for everyone. I encourage you this weekend to leave the cell phone behind and watch real life unfold in front of you. The sound of laughter, smell of barbecue, the struggle of reeling in the catch of the day, whatever it is you do, love on one another and enjoy the company, don't take precious moments for granted.

Gifts For Dad
Guaranteed by Saturday If Ordered By Wednesday 8 AM

Negotiator Pistol Pouch
Perfect con
concealment for your vehicle. Throw it under the seat, keeping your pistol out of sight. Break-a-way zipper allows you to be quick on the draw. With pocket for keys, wallet or cell phone and a hidden waist strap the Negotiator doubles as a hip pack too.   Remove hidden waist belt, strap it on and know one will know you are carrying.


Gun Commander
dads will agree that safety comes first when hunting. Our dad and their dad also preached "don't fall on that rifle scope... tuck and roll if you fall" We've identified the problem and came up with the solution. The Gun Commander will keep your rifle from sliding off your shoulder and from you having to clutch your sling all day. No need to remove pack to get to your weapon, it's right there, secure on your side, available in a split second... Now if you take a stumble you can use your hands to help break your fall without sacrificing your weapon.

How It Works
  • Place Sling Manager at the top of your backpack shoulder strap, hook facing in.  Slide gun sling under rubberized hook.  This prevents sling from sliding off your shoulder
  • Place Stock Holster on your pack waist belt and slide the butt of your rifle in, bungee cord locks into place.  Now your rifle is secure and facing upwards instead of back at fellow hunters.  There is nothing more unnerving than having a rifle barrel staring you in your face

Scope Cover


Scopes are pricey.  Protect them with Crooked Horn's Neoprene Scope Cover.  Water resistant, this scope cover will keep your scope safe from scratches, dust and moisture, making your scope ready for immediate use.  At this price you might want to grab a few as they fit most hunting rifle scopes.  


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