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June 19, 2011

Greetings Pinball Fans!


Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there. We hope you all enjoy your day today!


This past week our Design Team continues to construct the whitewood playfield and begin the process of wiring so they can start "shooting" the game.


This is the process which enables them to take what was flat in lines and circles on drawings and translate it all to game play.


In this next two weeks the game will come alive and more design elements such as placing of inserts, tweaking toys and targets and every element of the game gets more defined. This will allow artist Greg Freres to begin his playfield drawings.


With the approval from Warner Brothers, Jerry VanderStelt has begun to hand paint the full color canvas for the backglass art of the game. This is very exciting as we will see this art in a few weeks and it will be released as soon as it is approved by Warner Brothers.


Today Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. is proud to release the black and white drawing for the right cabinet design artwork. While you are only seeing a black and white image on the cabinet, the final artwork will be shown in full, bright colors. Jerry has created the seven unique works of art for the cabinet and he will draw each by hand on canvas. It is expected that it will take several weeks for him to complete each canvas.


Today, we are also releasing a drawing of the two upper mini playfields. The game is designed to have the "Good" elements on the right and the "Evil" elements on the left.


The first upper playfield on the right side is Munchkinland which will have Dorothy's House. The playfield has one flipper and as you hit the ball on the ramp shot, the ball travels counter clock-wise around the Dorothy's house causing it to spin.


One of the toys in the game is a Flying Monkey that will swoop down and capture a ball (Dorothy) and bring it back to the upper playfield now known as The Witch's Castle. This playfield is on the left rear of the game. This playfield also has one flipper and you must complete a target sequence to release the captive ball (Dorothy) Next week we will tell you how you get up to both of these upper playfields.


There is so much more detail to emerge about this game but every week there will be more and more. Thanks again and enjoy Father's Day.

THE WIZARD OF OZ and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and � Turner Entertainment Co.  Judy Garland as Dorothy from THE WIZARD OF OZ.  (s11) 

Two Upper Mini Playfields
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Team JJP: Left to Right: Chris Granner, Greg Freres, Keith Johnson, Dennis Nordman, Jim Thornton, Joe Balcer, Matt Riesterer, Jack Guarnieri in front.


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