This Sunday Father's Day Worship
@ the Gazebo - 10:00 am
"New Wine Skins"
Dr. Thomas Dickelman, preaching
Music by Fred Koch, Matthew Koch
& Tom Dickelman singing "New Old Spice"
featuring thoughts by Charles Jones.
While we will have some chairs available, we suggest that you bring a chair for yourself if possible. Also, if there is a question about whether the service will be held due to the weather, (a) we will send out an email @ 9:00 am if it is cancelled and (b) remember that we are still recording every service in advance and they will be sent to your inbox @ 10:00 am. Finally, why not bring a friend this Sunday @ 10:00 am?
Masks and Social Distancing are Required for
All People in the Park - Thank You!!!
"Thanks, Zach"
Worship at the Gazebo
Next Sunday, June 28
* * * * *
Join us in saying "Thanks, Zach" as the Rev. Zachary Hancock preaches at his final service for the Community Church. Very special music will be provided by Nic Barnum. Please join us for a big "Thank You!"
New Babbling Bohemian Podcast Features WWII Marine Grant Duncan
* * * * *
Grant Duncan of the Community Church is a member of "The Greatest Generation," the proud father of three daughters (including our own Kristin Duncan and Mary Jo Stevenson) and a nonagenarian with an amazing history. Tom interviewed Grant at his home in Lincolnshire for the latest edition of the "Babbling Bohemian Podcast." If you'd like to listen, go to your favorite podcast app and type in "Babbling Bohemian" or go to our website and listen HERE .
Listen to Dr. Matt Dewar's
Master Class for St. Jude's
"Use Your Breathing to Transform Stress Into Strength"
* * * * *
We're Feeding More Than Bluffington's Customers
in the Community Church "Garden of Eatin'" -
Thanks to 6th Man John Corrigan for the Beautiful Job with the Flowers!
Please keep Tyler Mattson in your thoughts and prayers. Tyler plays in the church Grateful Dead services and his Mom Robin Mattson and his Aunt Debbie Barnes have been part of our church family for many years. Tyler has just been diagnosed with Legionnaire's Disease. If you'd like to participate in the Go Fund Me site to help to defray Tyler's medical costs - and likely long term recuperation - please click HERE
See you Sunday at the Gazebo for our
Father's Day Service! Bring Some Pals!!!