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Father's Day is Sunday!

Are you ready to honor Dad on his special day? Make sure and stop by the store to see our huge display with some of our best ideas on what to give dad. From books, to socks, to Willow Tree sculptures, we've got something for every father on your list.   


Fresh Ink
New books including recommendations from our own Bookie Larry! 

Stranger Things is coming back July 4th! We can't wait for the new season, and luckily, we have a book to tide us over until then. Colorado writer Brenna Yovanoff gives us the backstory we've all been wanting about the troubled newcomer from last season, Max!  
Review by Bookie Larry Yoder
June marks the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and a string of different celebratory events. Normandy '44 is about the Invasion and its influence on the next ninety days. It is a book of strategy and tracing the conflicts, but it's also full of individual stories. Written on a more traditional history writing pattern than an unfolding story platform, the book is very good but will take time to read. The scope of the story is comprehensive in approach and should answer many questions of why and how for the reader. Good book and a little over 600 pages. Holland is well respected as a writer of history. 
And for more books about D-Day and the events around it, please visit the display in our store that Larry carefully curated and feel free to see a few of the selections on our website here.  
Ryan Andrews       
This graphic novel has been making waves for months before its release. A charming story of a group of friends who want to stay out all night..until they see where the paper lanterns their town releases go. Even though promises are made, friends quickly abandon the hunt, leaving two reluctant and ill-called 'friends' to go on alone. Filled with wonder and adventure, this dreamlike story is going to be big.   
Now optioned by HBO and now in paperback! The Outsider is classic King that starts with an impossible premise that quickly changes the rules of reality and just as quickly acclimates you to what could be possible. How can a man that couldn't have committed an unforgivable crime have done just that?  
June is Pride Month and this book focuses on one of the biggest cultural moments that led to the creation of events like Pride Month. A picture-book historical retelling of the Stonewall Inn raid of 1969.  
Fall, or Dodge in Hell
One of the biggest sci-fi writers on the planet returns with this gripping story of life after death, and what a digital afterlife would look like. From Bookie Larry: "He seems to be saying that if you create a God, watch out for a Fall. If you like Stephenson then you are going to get a lot of him in the book." 

phix Con is this Saturday!

This Saturday is our first ever Graphix Con! We'll be having special guests, artists teaching us about art, prizes, a costume contest, and now we'll be having a one-day only 25% off sale on all our graphic novels! See you there!  
The Game Board
Are you ready to untangle your puppers?

Dog Rush. Ages 4 & Up, 2-6 players.

It's time to walk your darling little doggy in the park. Lots of other owners have had the same idea, however! Oh no! A rabbit passes by and all the dogs go into a frenzy and run after it. Your dog escapes, all the leads get tangled - now who's going to sort out this mess?

And if you're interested in this game, come test it out at GAMES DAY AT THE BOOKIES this month!
June is AudioBook Month!


Saturday, June 22 - Games Day at The Bookies
Saturday, July 13 - Unicorn Day at The Bookies
Saturday, July 27 - Harry Potter Birthday Party 
Thursday, August 29 - Larry's Book Club Discussion