Surprise Dad with a dinner he doesn’t have to grill with help from Boston Beef!
The weather people have been wrong with all these holiday weekends, so we all need to get out there and grill up some good food for Dad!

Boston Beef’s weather prediction is "Any weather is good weather for Grilling!"
Some items sure to please Dad:
Marinated Sirloin Tips - House (*Gluten Free) or Hawaiian Marinades

Marinated Chicken Breast (House, Hawaiian or Kickin' Marinades)

Marinated Pork Tenderloin Tips (Cinnamon Apple BBQ Marinade)

Marinated Turkey Tenderloin Tips (Cinnamon Apple BBQ Marinade)

Seasoned Jumbo Chicken Wings (*Gluten Free)

Italian Style Sausages (Sweet, Hot, Garlic & Provolone)

New York Sirloin Strip Steak (Cut to Order!)

Filet Mignon (Cut to Order!)

Ribeye Steak (Cut to Order!)

T-Bone or Porterhouse Steak

Butcher's Sirloin (Great to grill, smoke or roast!)

House Ground Beef Patties (No Fillers, No Additives, Made Weekly - 4,5 or 6oz )

Beef and Pork Hot Dogs (1/4 lb)

Don’t forget about all our great grillable APPETIZERS or PASTAS we have for easy side dishes to keep your dinner or cookout easy!
Please make sure to CALL AHEAD with orders or items you need since we do sometimes run out of items! (Even though we try our hardest not too. We hate to disappoint our customers!)
Thinking to the future and 4th of July, our hours will be as follows for the week:
Monday JULY 2nd (9am -4pm)

Tuesday JULY 3rd (9am -3pm)

Wednesday JULY 4th (CLOSED)

Thursday JULY 5th (9am -5pm)

Friday JULY 6th (9am -5pm)

Saturday JULY 7th (9am -4pm)
Please make sure to call in your orders for this week as this is one of the craziest weeks of the summer!
Sorry, we cannot take orders via email or by voicemail at this time.
Please call or visit our store and ask for Jenn or Mike to place an order.
Thank you.